Your Mindset Is Affecting Your Business: Ways To A Healthy Mindset

Most people do not see the importance of having a healthy mindset and a positive outlook in life. There is so much power in a person’s thoughts and way of thinking that it makes a big impact on one’s success.  The words you speak and think about your business are a direct reflection of your mindset. Your words and your mindset work together to create your reality.

You want to be careful about what you speak over your business because it will become true. 

Every entrepreneur needs the right kind of mindset to grow their business. From how much you earn to how great your customer service is, your mindset supports and guides almost every part of your business.

This article will talk about the top mindset issues each entrepreneur or business owner has so that you will be able to change or improve your way of thinking to a healthy business mindset. 


Top Signs Your Mindset Needs A Change

Expecting the worst (and usually finds it!)

Despite what you think, expecting the worst isn’t really helpful. It doesn’t prepare you or make you stronger. It simply makes it more likely that you’ll find something to complain about.

Next time you’re about to recount a horrible experience, ask yourself if you went into that experience expecting a bad outcome. If you did, you may have accidentally created this bad situation without realizing it.

Your mindset does not lead to confidence

When you’re about to take on a new client or start a project, what do you normally think? Are you already planning for a worst-case scenario with thoughts like, “What’s the use? This potential client is going to instantly recognize how untalented I am and be mad at me for wasting her time.”

If that sounds like your normal thought process, you have a mindset lacking in confidence. What if you could change your thoughts? Flip it around, decide to be positive, “This prospect is going to fall in love with my skill set. She’ll be an amazing addition to my client list and I can’t wait to work on our first project together.”

Your mindset does not demand the work you love

You may not realize it but your mindset plays a big role in the projects you accept and the clients you work with. When you see projects from your clients, what are your first thoughts? Do you feel disappointed and think, “Great. Another boring project from the client that makes me track him down just to get my invoice paid. Here’s another message from the client that wants to add just one more tweak to the already bloated project.”

It’s true that sometimes, service providers take on projects and clients because they need the green. But if you dread seeing your clients’ names in your inbox, this is no way to make a living.

Deep down, your heart longs to do work in support of projects you’re excited about.  Imagine seeing a new project come in from a client and thinking, “Oh, wow. I can’t wait to get started on this! I love this type of project. It really lets me show off my skills.”

Blaming others for your lack of success

Some people seem to carry a list of reasons they’re not successful in their back pocket. Ask a question about how their business is going and next thing you know, you’re listening to twenty-five reasons they haven’t succeeded.

The reason business owners like that don’t succeed is because they’re refusing to take responsibility for their choices. But you can’t better yourself or your business until you’re willing to own your choices.

“I don’t have a head for business”

Low confidence can make you doubt your ability to succeed in business. But before you say this, consider that we often live out our words—even if we don’t want.

Instead of listing all the reasons you can’t run a business, encourage yourself by listing the reasons you will succeed. For example, you might say, “I am capable of running a successful business. I’ll take night classes at the local college to supplement any business skills I need to develop.”  By saying this, you create your new reality—the one you’re a successful business owner.

Not pushing your limits

A big part of growing your business is by regularly stretching. When the opportunity to challenge your limits and do something outside of your comfort zone comes, do you say things like, “I can’t do live video streaming. I don’t have the personality for it. I’d love to host a webinar on this topic but I’m not techy enough.”

But part of having a healthy mindset is challenging yourself regularly. Do things that are outside your comfort zone. You don’t have to participate in every new business trend that pops up. But if you let your doubts keep you from doing anything challenging, you’re going to miss out on the fun of discovering something new.

What if instead of listing all the reasons you can’t do something new, you said things like, “I’ll try video streaming three times. After the third video, I’ll evaluate my interest. I’d love to host a webinar and since I don’t have enough technical expertise, I’ll hire a virtual assistant to support me.”

Changing your mindset is about tuning into your thoughts and really listening to them. Successful business owners know that mindset is the key to unlocking their potential and earning more than they ever thought possible. Most importantly, they know they can mold and shape their mindset.

Here’s a tip: When talking about your business, choose your words carefully. Think about the business you want to create and speak as if you’ve already successfully built it. 

As you improve your way of thinking, you’ll make subtle adjustments in your life and business. You’ll have the confidence to say “no” to clients and projects that aren’t a good fit and embrace the ones that are. You’ll make decisions that are in line with who you want to be and what you want your brand to represent. You’ll become the best version of yourself.

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