Woman, You Are More

Woman, have you been hanging your head down lately? Have you been doubting yourself and questioning your capabilities more recently? Is it because of that one person who said you are too weak to do this and that? Is it because of the whispers and stares whenever you (rarely) feel confident and feel like strutting to wherever you want to go? Or is it the endless news and articles of how women raise their voices and yet they are not heard?


Well woman, in case you forget, I am here to remind you that you are more than all the negative things you are thinking right now.


You are more than your weak stereotypes.


You are more than the terms “soft”, “sensitive”, and “dramatic”.


You are more than anyone you compare yourself to.


You are more than your insecurities each time you stare in the mirror.


You are more than the term “chick” or “little b*tch”.


You are more than a man’s–or anyone’s–beck and call.


You are more than their expectations.


You are more than the catcalls and whistles.


You are more than the whispers and dirty looks.


You are more than your screams falling on deaf ears and your bruises staring at blind eyes.


You are more than anyone’s judgment and disbelief.

woman empowerment sayings


You are more worthy than you think you are.


You are more beautiful than you see yourself as.


You are more special than how others treat you.


You are more courageous and stronger than anyone else.


You are more intelligent and skilled than what others perceive of you.


The society and people may be hard on us but remember that you have a whole community behind you.


Because, woman, we are so much more.

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Krisy started Kronicles with the aim to inspire and empower. If she is not motivating people through her written words, she's either pretending she doesn't have social anxiety, petting random dogs, or watching the sunset.

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  • Viano Dee
    June 26, 2019

    We are women but we are more. We refuse to be silenced, we refuse to be disregarded. We are more than women— we are warriors! Lovely piece.

  • Jennie
    June 26, 2019

    Sometimes this type of encouragement is all we need to go on another day.

  • Heena
    June 26, 2019

    Lovely , Motivating, Encouraging , Uplifting. We are women and I am proud of all women who are uplifting other women. Thank you for sharing this and reminding women that they are not only women but more than that.
    Heena -https://travelandhikewithpcos.com/

  • Stephanie
    June 26, 2019

    Inspiring for all women to read! Thanks for posting!

  • Karletta
    June 27, 2019

    Great reminder for women …. to be as we are, authentic, unashamed. Thank you. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  • Busy Girl Bliss
    June 27, 2019

    This was beautiful!

  • Jen @ Jenron Designs
    June 27, 2019

    I have been watching the Handmaid’s Tale which is very interesting look at what can happen to women when men take over and repress an entire gender. While this is clearly fiction, it does make one think.

  • Tracy @ Cleland Clan
    June 27, 2019

    I love this. It’s so important to remember your self-worth and to hold your head up high as you are trying to do your best. Unfortunately, people will try to bring you down, but if you remember that you are “more,” you’ll be just fine.

  • Janay
    June 27, 2019

    I love everything about reading this and I’m glad you wrote it! It’s so powerful and well written! Sometimes is women feel like we aren’t enough and we aren’t perfect and we forget we don’t have to be perfect! We forget all the great things that we do! Well said!

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Woman, You Are More