Why it Sucks Having A Degree Which Makes You A “Jack Of All Trades”

I wrote this short passage years ago when I was confused, terribly lost, and struggling to find my first job. I just thought you would want to hear the frustrations of this version of myself. I want to help you realize that most of us really don’t have everything figured out from day 1 and that is alright.


“Slow and steady wins the race” I wish someone had reminded me that years ago.


~ ~


Written: July 2017 


I can still clearly remember the statement one of my professors told us when she gave a brief background on our degree: “You’re lucky you are here because you get to be a jack of all trades!” What she intentionally forgot to add, though, is we will also end up becoming a Master of None… and confused as hell.


A variety of classes which makes you even MORE confused

To backtrack a bit, I chose my degree because I have a knack for writing and design. Luckily, I had classes which offer me all of that and a lot more. Oh, was there a lot more. After being presented and participating in different classes, I now gained interest in events/production, marketing communications, multimedia arts, public relations, and a lot more than I should have. Add to that the writing and design I previously mentioned.


“Follow your dreams and passion” they say. BUT WHICH ONE?!

Well, my dream was to become an author, you know? Please note my use of “was”. Because now, apparently, I want to try out if I have a chance in Events Management; in being in the Marketing field; in being in the Public Relations field; and again.. a lot more.

Thanks a lot, college.


A number of skills along with a whole lot of self-doubt

Now that I’m currently job-hunting (nope, it’s not fun), I always have this question that pops into my mind each time I see a job listing that fits my interest: “Am I good enough for this?”. I might say “Yes, I studied this in college”, but am I good enough? Am I competent and skilled enough? Will I be able to surpass or at least be on par with the people who have this particular field as their degree for at least four years?


You see, having knowledge and skills in different fields can be quite empowering. But the downside of having a degree which basically bombards you with an assortment of classes is you can never fully focus on one expertise. You’ll be given an introduction class, some activities and implementation, and that’s it. You’re on to the next class which is a completely different one.


Well, at least in my case that is.


I basically was just presented with so much that I found things that I am good at but not what I am best at.


So if you’re someone who took a degree which feels a lot like mine and has successfully found your calling, I might need some of your advice. We Jacks gotta help each other, right?


~ ~


Don’t rush into life. Take the time you need to find yourself and what you’re good at instead of forcing yourself to jump in a pool that you know will drown you.

Again, I wish someone had reminded me that years ago so I am reminding this to you now. 


A masterpiece takes time to complete but you can bet your heart that it will be finished no matter what.

Krisy started Kronicles with the aim to inspire and empower. If she is not motivating people through her written words, she's either pretending she doesn't have social anxiety, petting random dogs, or watching the sunset.

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Why it Sucks Having A Degree Which Makes You A “Jack Of All Trades”