Effective Ways To Monetize Your Blog Posts This 2020 (For Beginners)

Let me start with a big assumption: you made your blog to be a source of income for you, to earn a living, and for it to grow and be your business. The question is, “Can you make money blogging?” If you’re putting in the work, doing research, and growing your audience, there is a high chance that you would like to get paid for your hard work. I have made several posts on how you can make a money-making blog and how to drive traffic to your website. So yes, it is possible.

And for that to happen, you would need to know how to monetize a website or blog—specifically monetizing your blog posts.

Let’s look at the top proven methods on how you can successfully make money through your blog posts.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links may be used in this post, which I may receive a commission from, at no extra cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.

Product recommendations

One of the easiest things to get started with is to make product recommendations directly in your blog posts. These can be your own products or something you’re an affiliate for. Probably the easiest affiliate program you can get into is Amazon Associates. A most read and effective post to make wherein you can easily include your affiliate link is to write roundup posts like “Top 10 skincare recommendations for dry skin”.

As you blog about things, work in a product here or there. For example, if you’re in the parenting niche and are working on a blog post about a fun park in your area that you went to, you could mention the stroller you used and how well it did or didn’t perform in the park. Or if you’re a photographer who also blogs, share your latest pictures and mention what camera, filter, flash, etc. you used for each picture along with links to those products.

Work With Brands

Working with brands is another great option. Make connections via social media or use one of the large networks that connect bloggers and brands. They will often pay you to write a blog post that mentions one of their products. Don’t be surprised to work for free products or low pay in the beginning—we all have to start somewhere, right? Once your audience grows, you can expect to get paid better and even be a brand ambassador. A few programs wherein you can get to work with brands without the need for high traffic are:

I am sure there are a lot more influencer networks for beginners but these are the ones I am a part of. Aside from these, you can also directly contact brands to collaborate—just remember to not sound demanding or arrogant when sending them an email.

Work with other bloggers

Your fellow bloggers can help you earn money through your blog by making you a part of their course affiliate program. These can be in the form of buying their course and asking them to have you become an affiliate. Most course already gives you the option to become an affiliate once you finish the course. Another is to keep promoting your blog and introducing what your niche is and what you mainly post about. Through this, other bloggers can contact you directly to collaborate and be an affiliate of their course or products.

Make offers on your email list

The most effective way to make money from your blog is to focus on getting your blog readers on your email list first. This gives you a chance to build a stronger relationship with your audience, get them back to your blog and of course make offers to them directly in your emails.

Do remember not to spam them with merely offers and links. Keep your email messages entertaining and helpful with some recommendations thrown in, and you’ll do well. Keep growing your list as your blog grows and your income will follow right along.

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Here’s my in-depth review of Flodesk.

You may have noticed that I did not include having ads put up on your site. You can do that as well if you would like. However, unless you already have high traffic coming in on your website, you will be gaining 0 to a couple of cents from ads.

As I have mentioned, these are just some of the top ways to monetize your blog posts. I am sure there are more resources but these are just the methods that I use, have found effective for beginners, and is less time-consuming.

Good luck on your blogging journey!

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Effective Ways To Monetize Your Blog Posts This 2020 (For Beginners)