Embrace Discomfort: Unique Travel Experiences For The Comfort Seekers

So you like being in your own bubble, I get that. I feel the same way. But don’t you sometimes feel the need to experience something exciting and new once in a while? Because I do. Being in your own safe space can sometimes get boring, too. Having an endless routine can feel tiring, too. 

So if you ever have the urge (at around 3 am, who knows)  to book a flight somewhere because you crave a different scenery, then do it! Don’t ever say no to experiences. But if you’re having trouble finding a place to go to with all the endless choices, then I am here to give you some unique travel experiences that might help you decide. 

Don’t worry, I won’t bombard you with intense (or life-threatening) activities like jumping off a helicopter or swimming with the sharks. These are fun but not overwhelming recommendations so you won’t have to scare yourself on your first few tries. These activities will give you opportunities to immerse yourself in other cultures. Coming from someone who also sometimes go back to her safe space, I know where to draw the line. Baby steps is where it’s at! 

So if you’re ready to grab the chance to expand your horizons, and at the same time, your comfort zone, here are some unique and beautiful travel experiences that will make you appreciate more of what the world has to offer. 

Attend a colorful festival

Surround yourself with vibrant colors and lively people when you attend a colorful festival! This is a sure way to immerse yourself in another culture while getting to know people from all walks of life. A very popular festival is the Holi festival in India which is literally known as “Festival of colors”. There are also different festivals in which you will see a rainbow of colors like the Day of the Dead in Mexico, and carnival parades around the world. 

Learn a traditional dance

When you go to a different country, especially a country that is so rich in culture, there will most likely be a time wherein you will see a traditional dance. It might be on the streets or in one of the tourist spots you will go to. If there is an opportunity, try to dance with the locals especially if they invite you to dance with them. This will not only make them happy, but it will also give you a step forward to stepping out of your comfort zone. 

Explore an abandoned place

Sometimes, the scariest and eeriest places have the most interesting history in them. But before you go to abandoned places, do your research first or ask the locals if it is allowed to go to that place. Furthermore, be respectful and don’t touch or move anything as much as possible.

Gaze at a flock of hot air balloons

If riding a hot air balloon is too much for you, then why not just gaze at them during sunrise? One famous destination where flocks of hot air balloons can be seen during sunrise is at Cappadocia, Turkey. If your accommodation is just near, you can go to the rooftop and have your breakfast while waiting for the sunrise and watching the hot air balloons fly. 

Have you heard of Glamping?

Are you like me who wants to experience camping at least once in their life but dreads the creepy creatures that (I imagine) roam in the woods? Let’s say… insects?? Well, you can always try glamping instead! It is a form of “glamorous” camping that includes the amenities you need, unlike the “traditional” camping. It is definitely more comfortable and you will feel safer if you are not ready for the thrill the woods will bring (because I know I’m not).

Get a handmade tattoo

This is definitely an optional one if you don’t have any plans in getting a tattoo whatsoever. However, if you are an ink fanatic, then getting a handmade tattoo will be an experience you will forever hold dearly. If you ever find yourself in the Philippines, I would highly recommend visiting the infamous tribal tattoo master Whang Od who uses a tapping method with a small bamboo hammer as a tattoo procedure! I have tons of people I know who would always share this experience of theirs proudly and fondly. 

Go to a local charity / social organization 

If you want to truly immerse yourself in the culture and get to know the people, then why not go to a local charity or organization and join in one of their activities? You can either go plant a tree with them or have a one-day immersion with some of the local families that need the most help. With this, you get to be one with the locals even for a day and you also get to help them even in a small way! 

There are more simple but meaningful activities you can try when you travel. It definitely beats staying in your hotel room the whole day when you have nothing planned. 

If you are the type to forget essentials especially when you travel, then I have made a downloadable travel packing checklist for you to keep you organized and reminded of the things you need to bring! 

And remember, traveling is already a step outside your comfort zone! 

Never forget anything again! Download our FREE printable travel packing checklist!

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Embrace Discomfort: Unique Travel Experiences For The Comfort Seekers