Ultimate Collection Of Stylish Work Desk Accessories

I don’t know about you but nothing gets me more motivated and inspired to work than an organized and pleasing office desk. Most research studies even claim that a clean and organized workplace boosts work productivity. So, be it for your day job cubicle or home workspace, these stylish office desk decorations are guaranteed to please your eyes and make your surroundings a little more relaxing.

Plus, who doesn’t love shopping for office supplies?

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Motivational Letter Board

desk supplies
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Rectangular and square-shaped felt letter boards are what’s usually being seen and used, but this round felt letter board is definitely more eye-catching, minimal, and unique! Put this on your desk with your own motivational quote and you’ll be inspired throughout the day!

This letter board comes with 380 precut plastic white letters, a wooden block display stand, 2 canvas bags, and a beautifully designed gift box package.

Paper clips organizer

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You might not relate to this now but trust me, you will need paper clips when you’re working—especially in an office where you’re required to submit tons of paperwork. This is a luxurious set of paper clips that come on its organizer. And it is rose gold! Here is a gold paper clip set with a marble organizer if this suits your style more. 

Office Supplies organizer

desk accessories set
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Save yourself the stress and money and just buy an organizer for the basic office supplies necessities. This office supplies organizer is complete with a pen holder, letter sorter, sticky notes holder, hanging file organizer, and a letter tray. You also have your choice between copper and gold!  

Marble Stationery Set

marble office desk decorations
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Your office supplies organizer needs its supplies (of course) and what’s a more aesthetic statement than a marble design? This stationery set comes with the work desk essentials you need: paper clips, push pins, binder clips, memo pad, pencils, tape, pencil sharpener, and eraser – all bathed in marble and gold!

Snack Jar

office snack jar
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If you don’t have snacks on you then how do you survive the day? Even just protein bars, gummy bears, m&m’s, or sour gummy worms are fine! Trust me because I breathe in those. With that, here is a stylish snack jar to keep your gems sealed!

Magazine and Book Holder

desk accessories for women
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This chic magazine and book holder is particularly perfect if you work on a magazine or publishing company, or if you are always bombarded with article readings and thick paperwork to check.
This holder comes in various beautiful designs so make sure you check it out!

Water Bottle

desk accessories for men
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Keep yourself hydrated to keep your mind and body happy throughout the day! This stainless vacuum insulated water bottle can store even your hot coffee or your cold water.
Hot drinks stay hot for 12 hours and cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours!

Desk Toy

Rule #1 when working: You need a break.
Take a bathroom break, a snack break, or just those in between minutes when you need to breathe and refresh your mind. To keep you sane and entertained throughout the day, this magnet desk toy will help get your creativity recharged and working as you can sculpt the magnetic balls to your liking! The sky’s the limit when it comes to your creativity on this one.
Also, it’s really small so it won’t eat up a lot of space on your desk.

Desk Plant

cool desk accessories
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Here’s to adding a little life and more aesthetic touch to your desk! If you think you don’t have the dedication to take care of a real plant, then this artificial desk plant is your best (and probably only) option! What’s good about this, though, is the leaves looks so alive and vivid that you will be mistaken it’s real!
So, here’s also to fooling everyone in the office that you can take care of a plant for the upcoming months (and years).

Tissue Holder

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Having a tissue with you can save your life in more ways than one: Dust on your keyboard? Tissue. Need to sneeze? Tissue. Want to wipe your tears because of the pressure and stress? Tissue. P.S. we’ve all been there; this is a judgement-free zone.
This tissue holder exudes luxury and modernity  with its clear silver plastic coating that it can double as your mirror, too!

Clip On Mini Desk fan

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Sometimes, emergencies in your workplace happen. This include the office’s air conditioning to stop working. If you’re someone who absolutely hates the feeling of sweating, then you need this clip-on mini desk fan. This fan won’t hog any space since you just need to clip it on the edge of your desk.

Wireless Charger

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So you forgot to bring your phone charger again? Investing on a wireless charger will definitely be a game changer for you as you don’t need to worry about leaving the house and feeling like you’ve forgotten something (which is 98% you did). The Seneo wireless charger is compatible with any phones that support fast charging or Qi-Enabled. It can also serve as your phone holder with its 60° angle!

Desk Calendar

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A desk calendar should be a staple piece on your office desk. This classy wooden block calendar doesn’t indicate a year on it so you can use it for a very long period of time!

Desk Clock

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You need a clock to tell you when it’s time to call it a day if your boss or your workmates won’t tell you to. This modern and minimalist LED desk clock does not only tell the time but also the date and temperature along with an alarm clock function.

Desk Foot Hammock

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I’m telling you this now: You need this. I mean, who doesn’t want to sit comfortably while working? An under-the-desk foot hammock is just one of the few simple and undiscovered innovation that has been well underappreciated by mankind.

Now that you know all the basic essentials one must need for an organized and stylish office desk, all there’s left to do is to survive the week and prevent yourself from flipping the table (and your workmates).

You control your work; don’t let it control you. Good luck!

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Ultimate Collection Of Stylish Work Desk Accessories