8 Things You Should Not Give A Damn About

In today’s time, freedom of expression and opinions are more encouraged (which is a very good thing). But the only downside to this is the very thin line between opinions and downright criticisms or discouragement. And since you think it is their “opinion”, you should respect and take into heart their words. 

And no, this does not only limit to other people’s words. This is also applicable to your thoughts. Don’t you know that the person who can ultimately bring you down is yourself? And if you keep thinking about things that will only discourage you and hinder your growth, then try to backtrack a bit and look for the cause of these thoughts. 

The reality is: there are just some things that, no matter how many times is thrown at you, should not matter. And with that said, here is a list of things that you should not give a damn about. 


Other’s (Negative) Opinions

You should know the difference between constructive criticisms to insults. You should also know which opinions you should reflect on, and which you should just brush off. As much as how people want to contribute something in our lives, it is only us who truly know what we want and need. And I am sure you do not need some extra bullsh*t being thrown at you. If you are feeling kind, you can always just smile and walk away. 


What People Expect From You

Your parents want you to follow their footsteps. Your friends expect some type of treatment that you should give. Your partner expects you to excel in a certain skill or field. All these expectations from other people will just weigh you down some more. What do you want? Who are you? Would you really want to change yourself just to fit in on someone’s expectations of you? Would you really just throw away the things you like and replace them with things they like? 


Other People’s Approvals

You will fail more often than not and that is the reality. And these failures may include pleasing other people. But guess what? You do not need other people’s approvals. You do not need to befriend every single person you socialize with. You do not need to always be at their beck and call. You have your own life and goals to achieve so just focus on your growth and not think about how you will put on a fake smile tomorrow.


Beauty Standards

What even is the standard of beauty? Who came up with it? Let me tell you this now: whatever beauty standard you read or hear, that is their beauty standards. There will never be a universal standard or degree where everyone will agree that that is how they define beautiful. That is all BS and I am pretty sure that you know it. 


The Past

I know that there are some things that you just can’t let go and I understand that. Most of the time, these are the factors that will help you grow. However, it should only remain as that – a little push towards your personal growth. Other than that, whatever happened yesterday or the other day should not matter anymore. The past does not exist anymore so why do you still keep thinking about it? You are living in the present so why are you still dwelling on the past? If you keep thinking about what has already happened, then you might just miss something great that is already in front of you. 


Toxic Habits and Relationships

Why would you hold on to relationships that do not benefit or help you grow at all? And why would you keep doing certain things and activities if it will only drag you down each time? Do not be guilty of cutting people off from your life. Lessen your baggage. Try to improve your habits and only do activities that will help you feel alive and not burn you down. 


Being Single

Why is this even something you should worry about in the first place? If it’s because of your parents or other family members, then let them keep worrying if that makes them feel better. If it is because you are jealous of your friends or of people around you, then maybe it is because you are not comfortable in your own presence. Or maybe it’s because you do not love yourself enough that you want someone else to give it to you? Make the most of your single life by discovering yourself. Go travel the world, continue doing hobbies that make you happy, treat yourself out to a movie – you do not need a partner to be able to experience these things. 


Growing Old

Why think of something that has never even happened yet? This is one of the things that you have no control in yet you still stay up at night thinking about it. Do you know how much fear and paranoia you are getting yourself into in thinking of a future that is waaaaay ahead of you? No matter what you do, you are going to grow older and the sooner you realize and embrace it, the sooner you will be able to live your life without any regrets. The sooner you shift your mindset to living in the present, the sooner you can concentrate on doing things that will benefit you now, and ultimately, in the future.

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