The Bright Side of a 9-5 Job

If you’ve seen my career posts, you would notice that I am a preacher of working for yourself as well as facing your back to the corporate ladder. Of course, the posts are to those who feel as if they are not meant to be in that world, and maybe they aren’t—they just don’t realize it yet. I was also part of the corporate race. There were highs and lows, and it did provide me a lot of experience and confidence. However, I realized that it is not just meant for me.

Now, I am a freelance writer, and as I live on with my flexible working hours, there are random minutes where I suddenly miss the feeling of having a full-time day job—the security, stability, and more.

As much as I’m advocating to make yourself your own boss, some of us just doesn’t have the resources to make them leave their job… for now. And since this website’s main goal is to inspire and motivate people, I am going to talk about the other side of the coin for now.

This post is for those who are still in the process of making ends meet before they venture or start their own business. Spoiler: A 9-5 job is not really inhumanely deadly as one paints it to be.

Connections, connections, connections

Having a 9-5 job will introduce you to a world with two types of people: 1) people with the same interests and skills as you, and 2) those who need people with skills like yours. This will open you to networking opportunities which will give you the connections and sources you never knew you needed!

Gaining connections from your day job is easier than when you are freelancing. On your day job, the company will provide you with the opportunities and direct people to contact. However, when you are freelancing, most of the time you have to rely on yourself to search for prospects and make the first move.

Career Guidance

Having a full-time job automatically gives you a mentor—be it your boss or your workmate. Whichever company you enter, there will always be at least one person who you can ask for help or advice regarding your work responsibilities, the company policies, and which people to avoid in the elevator. If not, then you just might be at the wrong place.

Along with this, you will (most of the time) have free learning or educational courses handed to you which are paid by the company to further strengthen your skills. A lot of businesses also sponsor their workers to learn, train, and gain hands-on experience by sending them to different places and field jobs.

Steady and sure stream of income

Probably one of the top reason why each of us work is that we need money. This in itself is self-explanatory. We need stability and being in a company promising a sure stream of income will give you just that. Add to this the bonuses and benefits you will receive, paid vacation or leaves, free lunch (if your company is amazing), and other perks if you do your job spectacularly!


When you are at work or outside on a field job, you will most likely not have any dull moments—no staring at the ceiling and asking yourself “What should I do now?”. Whether you like it or not, you will be given tasks and a load of pressure. There will be no available time to be lazy because you have deadlines to meet and people to chase. You will be taken to places with your boss, do some lunch or brunch meetings, coffee shop interviews, on-the-phone negotiations, and a lot more.

You will be busy, yes, but you will be rewarded.


If you’re in an amazing company, then you would be surrounded by wonderful, helpful people who would become your lifelong friends. It first starts with office advice and secrets, then complains about the stress and your terrifying boss, then random but helpful life advice. Oh, and let’s not forget happy hour! If you work on a regular 9-5 job, at some point, you will be friends with the people you see literally every day.

A training ground

The struggles of a 9-5 job will do wonders for your confidence and endurance in facing the “real world”. You will grow a backbone and you will know how to handle different types of people. You will take with you new knowledge and skills. Your experiences will not go to wasteyou will keep with you your friends and mentors (who can possibly become your business partners) and lessons you will remember.

Your full-time job, be it a healthy or cruel experience, is a growth opportunity and your training ground. It will serve as a stepping stone should you have future plans in building your own business.

If you are like me, who left her job to pursue freelancing, then congratulations and good luck to us. If you are in the process of quitting your job, I am proud of you for taking the risk. If you are reading this from your desk in your company office, I salute you for hustling hard each and every day.

As long as you are contented, treated fairly, and doing this for yourself, then I wish you luck and I hope you get that promotion and raise you more than deserve.

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Krisy started Kronicles with the aim to inspire and empower. If she is not motivating people through her written words, she's either pretending she doesn't have social anxiety, petting random dogs, or watching the sunset.

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