Tasks To Help You Win Your Morning

I am currently typing this at 6:43 am, on vacation, after only four hours of sleep.  Some may call me crazy, others may question my decision-making. I sometimes find myself internally asking, “Why don’t I ever sleep in?  Even when I want to?!” Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’m about to tell you.

I’ve talked before about my drastic habit change last year which truly turned my life around for the better, and I’m going to talk about it again.  Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning is a book everyone needs to read.  It emphasizes just how easy it is to wake up in the morning when your mind is set.  Waking up early and accomplishing tasks before work or school ensues. 


Tidy up before bed.

Nothing stresses me out more in the mornings than dodging piles of dirty laundry or stepping in crumbs on the kitchen floor.  I started to do nightly (or bi-nightly) quick 15-minute cleanup. I ensure counters are decluttered, floors are swept, and all clothing is put away.  It has sped up my morning routine exponentially.

Schedule a delayed coffee brew

If you’ve bought a coffee pot in the past eight years, it probably has an option to program a delayed brew.  I recently incorporated this into my nighttime routine, and I’ve never looked back! I set the start time for 15 minutes before I wake up and boom! Wake up to the aroma of fresh coffee and I don’t have to tiredly fumble with the coffee filters and grounds.  Game changer! Also having coffee readily available immediately in the morning is my love language.

Play one song in bed, and then get up

I struggled with my alarms for YEARS, guys.  I could never get out of bed on the first try.  Instead of throwing myself immediately out of bed every morning, I wake up, choose a song from my favorite Spotify playlist, and slowly wake up as I sing along.  At the end of the roughly three minutes, I’m out of bed and ready to tackle the day.


This is so easy to do and makes you feel productive right off the bat.  Even if you go to work that day and feel like you did absolutely nothing, you know you’ve at least accomplished one task of the day, which is incredible for the mindset.

Set a routine

This is essential.  Wake up at the same time every morning, even weekends.  It’s okay to sleep in every now and then, but studies show consistency is the best for productivity, so set a schedule and stick with it!

Personal Development

Spending time growing your mind and awareness is key to finding positivity throughout the day.  Set aside ten minutes each morning to sip your coffee while reading some PD books. My favorites are The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.  If reading isn’t your forte, try journaling, podcasts, or even meditation.  Anything that heightens your mind and broadens your horizons.

Moira Stephens

I’m a twenty-three year old just figuring life out one mistake at a time.  I live in the Quad Cities and enjoy spending my free time singing terrible karaoke and running the streets with no route planned ever.

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Tasks To Help You Win Your Morning