How Student Travelers Can Earn Extra Cash: 6 Unique Ideas

Are you a student and looking to make some extra coin during the Summer months? Maybe spent a tad too much on books and other college necessities and now looking to replenish some of that money. If so, we have rounded up a few ideas on how you can earn some cash whether on a part-time basis or more.

You don’t have to be a student to try these, anyone can implement these ideas and anyone can make extra cash when they need it – if you think outside the box and are willing to market yourself some. Regardless of the type of gig, you decide to try, you will almost always need to market yourself and your skills. Whether online or locally, have a product to sell or a service, you need to get the word out about what you offer. Ready for our top side hustle ideas? Have a look at our six unique how to’s below and let us know what you think in the comment area. We look forward to your feedback.

Deliver for Postmates

This is great if you own a vehicle, have some free time and looking to make part-time income. You sign up online (or even via the Postmates app) and wait for approval than a vehicle inspection. You choose your own hours and you decide how many hours to work. With Postmates, you can help people get what they need when they need it. Everything from a Walgreens pick up to a 7 eleven late-night munchies order to a groceries and of course – some eats.

This idea is great for those who know their city well and are not geographically challenged. As for income, it varies but depends greatly on the hours you put in; the more hours, the more income you stand to make. This idea is one you should look into if you own a vehicle, a bike or you can even Postmate on foot. No car needed.

Sell Your Handmade Crafts

Are you the crafty type? Do you make anything handmade? If so, you might be able to sell your handmade crafts locally or online. If you choose to try the local route, then a flea market or swap mart would be a good idea to try. At a flea market, you would set up a booth and present your handmade products to locals. Some of these marketplaces are great for your type of product because of the low price of the booth and the built-in foot traffic – especially on the weekends.

If you want to try the online route, I recommend Etsy; one if not the most popular handmade marketplace on the web. Should you need assistance in setting up shop online via Etsy or eBay, I would try a Google search for “Etsy shop help” or “Etsy setup help” as there are plenty of people skilled in helping others with creating an Etsy shop. You can sell anything you make at home from soap, candles, jewelry, stickers, digital goods, etc. If you’re the crafty type, give this one a try for extra side income.

Cutting Grass/Yard Pick Up

This idea is great for those of you who want to help busy neighbors with cleaning out their yards by either cutting grass, doing yard pick up or both. How do you find customers? Knock on doors, pass out flyers, post flyers on local bulletin boards, tell your friends and family, etc. There are many ways to get the word out; you simply need to let others know that you offer this service and your availability. What should you charge? You can charge a flat fee or hourly, entirely up to you. But do keep in mind a reasonable amount and try not to overcharge or undercharge yourself out of a possible gig. If you keep it simple and reasonable, you should be able to net a few area clients in no time.

Local Errand Service

With this idea, you can offer to help out locally by running a one-person errand service. You can help out in various ways, such as: by offering to pick up dry cleaning, groceries, maybe a neighbor needs someone to babysit or house sit, pet sit, etc. There are a number of errands you can help out with when it comes to this idea. Basically, let those in your area know what you offer and your availability and then help out when and where you can. Advertise locally with flyers, on Facebook through the many “for sale” groups available and of course – the very popular Facebook marketplace.

Online Writing

With so many blogs and websites on the web now, there’s a great demand for online writers and web content. If you can write, then this is a great time to earn extra income while helping a busy blog or website owner with articles. You can help in a number of different ways, such as with blog articles or guest articles and or maybe even with social media content. Social media is a hassle for many but especially for busy mom and pop shops and other small business owners. This is where you come in and help out. Many web content writers charge a flat fee per article written, while others charge by the word or a per-project fee. What you charge is up to you but look into and research what the going rate is in your area, your niche topic and the clients you would be writing for. All these factors play a part in what you can charge.

Don’t underestimate what you can make writing online content. Some small business owners will pay top dollar for awesome content and good reliable writers. Figure out your niche and go after this clientele via email, Facebook private message or if local, in person. All you need are a few good clients to get the ball rolling and off you go. You can then build on this foundation and keep moving forward.

Freelance Blogging

This idea is similar to what we mentioned above but the focus is strictly on blog owners and blog posts. There’s lots of different content that you can write when it comes to blogging such as interviews, translation of video and or audio content, reader Q&A, product posts, tutorials, how-to pieces and more. If there’s a certain niche that you specialize in, I would then research blogs in this area and make your pitch via email or social media. You can charge a flat fee per article or per project. You can also try one of the many job boards on the web to net a blogging job, such as the Problogger Job Board which is probably the most popular. Find a listing you relate to, then email your pitch to the blog owner.


There are many more ways student travelers can make a side income, the ideas above are but a few to get you thinking of what is available. Let me know what you think in the comment area – what ideas have you tried; what worked and what didn’t. I look forward to your feedback, comments, and questions.

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How Student Travelers Can Earn Extra Cash: 6 Unique Ideas