Are you in a position in life where you are contented and satisfied? Do you wake up each and every day fulfilled and grateful with all you have? If you do, then I am genuinely happy for you. If not, do not worry, life still has so much in store for you.

Most successful people did not have their success brought to them in a silver plate. Heck, they did not even have the privilege to own a silver plate. The people you currently look up to all built their own paths with a lot of obstacles and blockage along the way until they have reached their goals and the best version of themselves. Everyone is going and has gone through something before they reach the point where they have finally unleashed their full potential.

But what does it really mean by “reaching and developing your full potential”? Does it mean having a lot of money? Does it mean having a great standing in your career? The answer is yes to all of that and more. Understanding your full potential is having all the abilities and skills to put you in that dream career position. It is manifesting the right mindset and positive outlook in life and in yourself. It is the ability to listen to yourself and finally appreciate who you are and what you are meant to achieve.

You are capable of achieving greatness. You may not know it but you are continuously forging your path – you just have to make sure it is leading towards your goals and your dream life.

Listed below are simple yet powerful strategies on how you can make a clear path towards your goals, and the path to discovering the best version of yourself. I mean, you cannot just do nothing and expect results, right?

Be aware of yourself

Developing self-awareness means knowing and accepting who you are and what makes you you. This includes being aware of your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and passion. By being self-aware, you have a full understanding of what your purpose is and how you will achieve it. You can also manage your emotions well as you will notice even a single shift of your mood. This will make your path to discovering your full potential quicker and easier.

A great strategy to practice self-awareness is through journaling. I do journaling every morning and it honestly changed my mindset towards myself and the things that affect me and my goals. You can buy a journal which serves as your guide as it helps you what to write and will give you exercises that will challenge yourself. (Buy this beautiful journal here). On the other hand, you can use a plain journal wherein you can freely write your thoughts with no boundaries. (Buy this beautiful journal here).

If you have no idea what to write, you can first start by listing down your passion and desires. Then, you can write down your strengths and weaknesses. You can then follow it with specific steps on how you can achieve your goals, what you want to change in yourself, and how you plan to change it.  

Aligning yourself with factors that contribute to your self-awareness will help you achieve your ultimate potential more quickly. Check out Jennifer’s course ‘Alignment Is The New Hustle’ if you want to dig deeper into the concept of Alignment. Jennifer provides in-depth strategies and exercises along with inspirational stories to help you reach your goals and create your dream life! The course will help you figure out what is holding you back in achieving your desired results and will provide solutions to overcome it.

You can avail the course here.

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Keep challenging yourself

Now that you have listed down your aspirations and goals, it is time for you to keep challenging yourself. Always bear in mind that you need to keep moving forward, not backward. If your ultimate goal is to establish a successful business, then start small. Think of your concept, visualize, and start to gather knowledge on your dream business. The best way to not overwhelm yourself when you are pushing forward for your dreams is to set small goals then move on to bigger goals. By continuously challenging yourself, you are setting yourself up to wider opportunities and more experiences. You are able to get out of your comfort zone and into the path of a better you. You are continuously improving and discovering yourself.

Find your inspiration

Having an inspiration or a role model can motivate you to work harder and push you to be a better version of yourself. Your inspiration can be in the form of a successful person you look up to (a famous person, friend, or relative), a job position you want to achieve, or a visualization of the life you want to live. If your inspiration is a successful person, it is always important to not be jealous of them. Instead, be encouraged more to be like them. Change your mindset – stop being jealous and thinking of things that you do not have.

Learn to let go

If there is a person who is holding you back or a thing that is making your life more difficult, then why are you still holding on to it? This should be obvious enough and yet some of us still have a hard time letting go. One of the main reasons for this is the memories that come with that person or thing. You might say, “…but we have already been through a lot.”, or “I have had this ever since forever.” But do you not see that your memories will stay on with you forever and it does not have to hold you back? By letting go of that person or thing, you just physically and emotionally remove yourself from their presence. You won’t have to hold on to that particular element that is bringing you down. The memory will still remain with you unless you wish to forget. Do not think that “it will be a waste”. Think of those days as a lesson and as an experience that will fuel you to drive yourself forward.

Believe you can

People say that some things are easier said than done so why not start with that? Say motivational phrases or positive words of affirmations to yourself every day. You can start with “I believe I will survive this day”, “I am successful and money comes to me”, “I have skills that open myself to various career opportunities”. No one will put their faith in you if you do not even have faith in yourself. By believing in yourself, you trust yourself to achieve great things and reach your desired goals—and that is already more than enough.

Achieving your ultimate potential is no walk in the park which makes it more fulfilling. Each day is a challenge and it is up to you if you will let these obstacles improve you or hold you back to reaching your best self.

“You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.

You have wings

Learn to use them, and fly.”

– Mevlana Jelalu’ddin Rumi, 13th century

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