8 Productive & Creative Things To Do When You’re Stuck At Home

You may be reading this because, like me, you are stuck at home. And apparently, Netflix and scrolling through social media are not enough to keep you entertained the whole day. And I don’t know about you but being quarantined and stuck at home highly contributes to my creativity block. And if your creativity is your business, then this might stress you out.

But you do not need to worry because here are some productive AND creative activities that I do that will keep you entertained while honing your skills:

Quick workout 

Now before you roll your eyes, hear me out. You do not need to pressure yourself in working out especially if you do not have the equipment in your home. You can simply do it in your room or even on your bed. I would know because that’s what I do!

I usually do some arm exercises and thigh/butt workout while laying down in my bed. And trust me, it is still effective especially if you do it almost every day!

Do some journaling 

The fun thing about journaling is that you can do it in A LOT of different ways. You can journal by simply writing in your thoughts or the things you are grateful for. Or, you can do some creative journaling by using cute stationeries, photos, memorabilia, some pressed flowers, and more. Personally, creative journaling is a creative outlet for me and it helps me relax and keep my creativity going.

If you are interested, here is one of my journal flipthroughs I uploaded on my Youtube channel:

Clean your room

Since you’re most probably stuck in your room most of the time, why not take a few minutes off to clean your room? Sweep off the dust on your floor, make your bed, and dust off your cabinets. Who knows, you might finally find the scrunchie you’ve been searching for weeks.

Recycle and DIY 

After doing some cleaning and organizing, you might find some scraps that might still be useful. So instead of throwing it away, why not challenge yourself by making something new out of your scraps? And if you must know, you can actually make new paper by recycling your scrap/used papers! 

Organize your desk

If you are working from home or taking online classes, then you are most probably using your desk quite often. If that is the case, it is always important to have your workspace neat and organized so you can focus and think more clearly. Make sure you arrange your essential supplies (pens, papers, etc.) within reach. Try to incorporate a plant as well to give your desk some life. 

In my case, I love doing journaling in my (small) desk so I try to arrange my most-used supplies within reach. I also always keep a can of scented candles on my desk. You can watch my desk tour here:

Learn new recipes 

Since you won’t be able to go out and eat, why not make some food of your own? Who knows, you just might find cooking and baking as a new hobby. And if you are already knowledgeable in cooking, then why not widen your horizons more by learning new recipes? This is a great way to introduce your skills to your family by presenting them with a 5-star homemade dish. And since you will be the one preparing your own food, you can control which ingredients will go into your dish. This works best if you are on a strict diet. 

Sign up for online courses

Being stuck at home is actually the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself and learn new things. Yes, it can be as simple as learning how to crochet or play the guitar. You can sign up for online platforms such as Skillshare or Coursera or you can also search for free resources online such as Youtube! The internet is yours to explore and take advantage of.

Challenge yourself to make little progress every day 

You do not have to force yourself to paint a complete photo or write a whole chapter. It can be as simple as opening your laptop and doing an outline, or sketching something random. Remember that small progress is still progress and even if you are taking baby steps, you will still reach your destination eventually. 

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