Finding The Perfect Crystal For You: Must-Have Crystals And Their Benefits

Collecting crystals has been a fast-growing trend for the past couple of years, especially now in 2019 as more and more people start to take care of their spiritual well being. Aside from its aesthetic and stunning look, each crystal has its own benefit be it for your health, safety, wealth, relationships, and more. It is no doubt that various crystal healing practices has also made its way to today’s lifestyle, since its origin during the ancient times. 

How to select the right crystals for you 

Choosing the right crystal is actually really easy and does not require overthinking. So what you need to do first is to identify what you need or what you want to manifest into your life. Do you want to improve your health? Gain long lasting relationships? Attract wealth? 

The next thing is to pay attention to which you are gravitating towards to. When you see a pile of crystals, there will always be that one particular stone that you will be attracted to and will make your eyes linger for a couple of seconds. Some people even experience tingling sensations and calmness when they touch crystals that are meant for them, so watch out for that.

Another important thing to consider when picking the perfect crystal is to not let outsiders influence your decision. Trust your gut. You have your own natural intuition—listen to it. Sometimes, it’s the crystals that find you. 

Types of Crystals

Crystals for positivity and happiness

If you need positive energy crystals to attract and welcome happiness into your life, then check out these beautiful crystals:


The Fluorite stone opens the path for you to reconnect with happiness. It is known for its beautiful mixture of colors ranging from shades of purple, blue, green, and brown. Fluoride is said to rejuvenate one’s aura, purifies the heart chakra, and banishes any negative thought patterns to welcome positivity and enlightenment into your life. This stone is especially perfect during meditation. 


Radiating a bright yellow color just like the sunlight, Citrine is well-known to attracting happiness, prosperity, good luck, and positivity. It is claimed to recharge and energize while inducing motivation and enhancing concentration. It releases a vibrant energy which brings enlightenment to the mind and soul.


Known as the fairy crystal and a healer stone, The Fuchsite crystal is a green-colored stone with sparkles sprinkled all over it. One look at this stone will spark the happiness and innocence of your inner child. It will give you a reminder that there is so much joy around you that you may not have noticed – until now. The Fuchsite crystal promotes peacefulness, gratefulness, and satisfaction in even the littlest things. 

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Crystals for confidence

Harnessing self-confidence does not happen overnight. It is a process. Let these crystals give you that needed guidance and support throughout your journey:


With its sunset orange hues, Carnelian is a warm and vibrant crystal which attracts confidence and self-empowerment. It urges you to make clear decisions which will manifest into trusting yourself. The Carnelian crystal makes way for self-awareness and self-acceptance to come into your life. It will help you stop questioning yourself. Various well-known celebrities and entertainers are often seen with these crystals to help them with their performances.


Also known as the Fool’s Gold because of its golden hue and sparkling metallic sheen, the Pyrite crystal is the perfect stone to attract confidence and determination. It enhances clarity which will then give its owner the needed focus and persistence to finish their task. The Pyrite crystal is especially perfect to be brought in the workplace.


The Chalcedony crystal has a soft and serene energy to it. It comes in soft shades of blue, pink, purple, and white. The stone gives its owner the strength and confidence to speak their truth. It helps alleviate self-doubt and brings harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. The Blue Chalcedony is most valuable for public speakers, lawyers, politicians, and those who speak for a living.

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Crystals for friendship

Friendships can be hard to maintain in today’s fast-paced and busy society. And making new friends isn’t a walk in the park either. Let these friendship crystals help you overcome arguments and miscommunications as well as give you the confidence to make new connections:

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the most well-known crystal when it comes to maintaining friendship and building connections. It embodies a deep blue color with golden flecks which symbolizes royalty, honesty, and honor. The Lapis Lazuli stone welcomes calmness and urges an understanding communication between friends, partners, and families. It is best known to bring harmony and happiness to relationships. 


If you were not aware, Topaz is commonly used for Friendship rings and comes in a wide range of colors including blue, pink, and bronze. This stone is a symbol of hope, friendship, and deep emotional connection. It encourages truth, forgiveness, and happiness. It attracts friendship, faithfulness, and long-lasting relationships. 

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Crystals for creativity

If you are experiencing frequent creative blocks or you simply need to channel your creativity, then these crystals might just help you: 


Coming in beautiful colors of blue, green, and yellow, the Apatite crystal is perfect for those who need a sense of clarity. This stone will clear away the fog in your mind which will open you to a path of clarity. The Apatite crystal then enhances your creativity once your inner sense and purpose awakens. 


Known for its stunning purple color, the Amethyst crystal oozes royalty and luxury. But more than that, the crystal ignites the fire and passion from within. It attracts creativity and spirituality as well as strengthening one’s imagination and intuition. Place it on your work table to increase productivity. 


Often coined as the Stone of Creatives, the Sodalite crystal comes most commonly in royal blue color which immediately attracts the eye. Aside from that, it also attracts creativity and self-expression. The stone is also known for boosting intuition and expanding spiritual awareness. The Sodalite crystal will urge you to explore your creative abilities while heightening your creative thinking skills. 

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Crystals for luck

If you are seeking luck or even a sense of support for days when you have competitions or important meetings, then these “good luck” crystals will be a great help:


With its beautiful shades of green which in itself means luck and abundance, the Aventurine crystal is considered to be the luckiest stone to attract good luck and prosperity, earning its titles “Stone of Opportunity” and “Lucky Talisman”. It ignites passion and strengthens creativity. It opens its owner to new opportunities while giving them a higher sense of self-confidence to do what truly excites them.


Sunstone is one of the most common stones believed to be linked with luck and fortune. Its sun-like look radiates a bright aura and attracts everything good around it. It energizes and gives clarity to all aspects of your life and your chakras. This is especially helpful as a good luck charm if you have upcoming competitions. 

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Crystals for negative energy removal

The thing that might just be blocking you from reaching your ultimate potential is your way of thinking. It might also be from the negative forces that you are unconsciously surrounding yourself with. Let these powerful protection crystals banish negativity and attract clarity into your life:

Black Tourmaline

Believed to be used by ancient magicians, the Black Tourmaline is undeniably one of the most powerful protective crystals. It serves as a personal energy cleanser as it dispels negative energies and forces. It also purifies negative thoughts to a more positive and joyful mindset. If you are an empath who absorbs what others feel, then the Black Tourmaline crystal is a definite must-have.


Turquoise is one of the earliest stones to have been discovered which are deemed to be a connecting force between heaven and Earth. The turquoise stone provides solace, ease, and satisfaction to its owner. It is known to be a protective stone which shields its owner from danger and other negative forces that might surround them.


Bloodstone, with its enchanting black color and flecks of red, was believed to be a magical stone during ancient times. It is often used to detoxify and cleanse the body. It expels negative energies along with negative thoughts. It increases strength and energy and removes any blockages from the mind and body which hinders you from achieving your goals.

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Crystals for anxiety

If you are one to experience anxiety and panic attacks, these healing stones for anxiety are calming crystals which helps ease your heart and mind: 

Blue Lace Agate

One look at the soft color of the Blue Lace Agate and you know that its purpose is to instill calmness and peace. It helps its owner to have the strength to speak their own truths even on anxiety-inducing situations. The crystal’s positive vibrations bring relief and clarity amidst the worries and negative thoughts in your head—bringing you back to a state of joy.


Known for being a stone of peace, this lavender crystal is one of the best calming stones and mood stabilizers in healing crystals. Lepidolite crystals attract tranquility and clarity into your life by balancing the mind and spirit. It also contains lithium which is used as an anti-anxiety medication. This gentle calming crystal opens a passageway for self-love and trust. 

Jet Stone

Jet stones are known to be one of the most powerful and effective healing crystals to alleviate grief, balance mood swings, and fight depression. These crystals release feelings of anger, fear, and other negative unwanted emotions to help their owner focus on things that truly matter. 

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Crystals for love

If you are in search for love or simply want to strengthen your relationships with your family, friends, or romantic partner, then these beautiful crystals of love will be your guide:

Rose Quartz

One of the classic and most well-known stones to attracting romance, the alluring Rose Quartz is deemed to be the ultimate love stone and a Crystal of Unconditional Love. What this soft pink stone does is it helps heal any emotional wound of the heart to welcome love and compassion. It attracts energy of peace, tenderness, and comfort, and prepares its owner to receive love from others.


Worn by queens and pharaohs, the ever-stunning Emerald crystals has always been considered to be the Stone of Successful Love. The stone got its title by bringing truthfulness and loyalty into a relationship which results to life-long love and bliss. It is also the perfect stone to reignite passion and romance while taking away the feelings of jealousy, suspicion, and fear.


Coming from calming colors of pink and violet, the Kunzite crystals are known for helping its owner welcome love from all forms—from the self, others, animals, plants, and any living forces. Moreover, it helps heal heartache and restores trust in oneself and others to effectively attract love back into your life. It will give you the strength to bond and make long-lasting connections with people. 

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Crystals for wealth

If you want to attract abundance and money into your life, then these beautiful money stones will do just that:


Another classic and well-sought after stone, the Jade crystals has been serving individuals for thousands and thousands of years. It is one of the most recognized crystals for attracting prosperity and wisdom. It is also considered to be a lucky charm as abundance seems to follow you everywhere.


Considered to be a Money Stone, the Peridot crystals are great for attracting abundance, prosperity, and happiness. It is a powerful generator to manifesting all the things you greatly desire. It welcomes wealth in all its forms—in health, knowledge, money, and more.

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Now that you are all geared up with the knowledge you need, try to reflect and think about what you need most in your life. Love? Money? Protection? Heck, it could be everything I have mentioned⁠—there is no shame in that. Just remember that crystals work through interacting with your body’s energy field. Hence, as long as you believe in its capabilities, it will work. 

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