Must-Have Classy, Dainty Necklaces

I love buying dainty necklaces. They are always in style. They look gorgeous and classy. They will work in any outfit. You can easily layer them with more necklaces or you can wear them by itself – there’s so much you can do with this staple style piece!

And since I highly recommend you buy at least one or two dainty, delicate necklaces, I did the work of browsing highly affordable but high-quality necklaces!



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Double Horn, Moon Necklace

A classic moon/horn necklace that can be used for layering (perfect as the middle layer) or alone by itself.

gold necklaces

Get it here!


Simple Pearl Pendant

Anything with pearl will make you look elegant! A bonus is this one is already a layered necklace.

Get it here!


Pearl Beads Choker

The previous one was a pearl pendant while this one is filled with pearl pendants! A definite beauty.

Get it here!


Opal Choker

Another effortlessly layered necklace that is perfect for casual wear, street style, or even date night.

Get it here!


Layered Arrow Heart Necklace

Now this one is an absolute luxury staple accessory! It’s gold, layered, and radiates high fashion.

Get it here!


Layered Gold Necklace

This layered necklace is simple yet elegant and perfect for your everyday look. I’m pretty sure I already overused my necklace that’s exactly like this one.

Get it here!


Layered Boho Necklace

If you’re looking for more fun and eye-catching design, this Boho necklace will make sure you will receive tons of compliments!

Get it here!


Rose Pendant Necklace

The rose pendant perfectly sits just above your breasts and is definitely perfect to give your outfit a more luxurious vibe.

Get it here!


Diamond Cut Moon Beads

This one is something you would definitely see famous people wearing. It’s very simple yet really elegant.

Get it here!


Sideway Dove Necklace

A dove symbolizes purity, peace, faith, and more! This necklace is really unique as the dove is positioned more on the side than on the center.

Get it here!


See any favorites yet? Make sure you also get an organizer to avoid your necklace getting all tangled!

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Must-Have Classy, Dainty Necklaces