As something that is permanent and reflects a part of yourself, thinking of the perfect tattoo to mark on your body can be quite a challenge. But if your ideal tattoo is something that is simple and clean yet elegant, here are some minimalistic tattoo ideas along with tattoo artists you need to visit:


The Universe

Playground Tattoo (@playground_tat2)


A Feather

Georgia Grey (@georgiagreynyc)


A Word

Bang Bang Tattoo (@bangbangnyc)


More Words

Jon Boy (@jonboytattoo)


The Traveler

Maan Simbajon (@maansimbajon)



Kevin King (


The Moon

Tattooist_Doy (@tattooist_doy)


A Dragonfly

Annie Concepcion (@theuncannie)


A Tree

Donghwan Kim a.k.a Evan (@evantattoo)


A Flower

Annelie Fransson (@anneliefransson)


The Sun and Waves

WittyButton Tattoo (@wittybutton_tattoo)


Matisse Face

Kirk Budden (@kirkbudden)


A Constellation

JK Kim (@jk.tat)



Nando Tattoo (@nandotattooer)


Get inked to your heart’s content. Remember: it’s your body and nobody gets a say on what you do with it.



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