You have been writing this one article for so long and yet you are still in the process of convincing yourself that it is good enough. Some blog their way as a means to momentarily ignore their anxiety, yet the effect on you is the other way around. You’re always worrying, overthinking, and worse, questioning yourself. There are days where you just want to give up while rethinking every decision and strategy you’ve made.

And that is just a percentage of what it feels like blogging with anxiety.


Blogging anonymously is the first option

Blogging with your face and name for the whole world to see is definitely too much for a person with anxiety. You want to pour your unfiltered thoughts out and yet you are scared that people you know will read everything about things you do not even share with themno matter how close they are to you. You are scared people will judge you for your appearance and dissect each of your insecurities with just a single photo. And yes, that is a real feeling.

So now, you just have to hope that you will attract and keep an audience that is contented in only hearing what you have to say with only an alias given and a faceless photo.


You overthink. A lot.

You already overthink about mundane things in your daily life, so how is it like adding blogging to the list? Blogging with anxiety is overthinking about the simplest tasks and striving to reach utmost perfectionas if that is a thing. It is also dreading to look at your analytics and unconsciously putting pressure on yourself when the results are not good enough. It is your mind telling you that everything still needs more and more improvement when in reality it does not.

Blogging with anxiety is having to procrastinate and do other things than blogging because you want to delay your duty for as long as possible and distract your mind from whatever negative thoughts it is about to come up with.


It gets tiring and overwhelming

Sometimes, just like canceling plans, you cancel blogging entirely for a day or two as well. The main reason is you are mentally tired and you just need a reboot. But isn’t it that when you cancel plans, you feel guilty and overthink that you will somehow lose people important to you in the long run? That is no different from blogging. Overthinking about blogging is tiring. Remembering that you have goals and dreams to achieve through blogging is overwhelming.  Blogging with anxiety is being in a rut and holding off on writing (something that you love) a day or two convincing yourself that you need the rest but as the day reaches its end, you will mentally punish yourself for lazing the day away.


Blogger friends?

To most people, making friends online is a whole lot easier than making friends in real life. To people with anxiety, making friends online is as hard as making friends in real life. You will still have to go through all the anxiety-inducing process: Introduce yourself, make sure you do not say anything wrong, check if your grammar is correct, double-check your words to make sure you do not offend anyone, and go over through your introduction some more. And when you have finally posted and reached out? You have to do the scariest of them allwait for them to reply, or if they will reply at all. One minute in and you can already feel your heart losing its control. You will ask yourself, “Why haven’t they replied yet?”. And the worst case scenario? You delete everything after 5 minutes in.  


Marketing is hard

If blogging is your business, then you will not go anywhere without marketing yourself and your brand. For a blogger with anxiety, that sounds like a deathly task itself. Blogging with anxiety is making new social media accounts wherein you cannot add any of your friends or people you know, or else they will get a clue that it is you behind it. You will basically have to start from scratch and hope that people will miraculously find you.

Blogging with anxiety is knowing you need to put yourself out there and yet you do not know where to begin or if you even want to start.


It makes you better

Blogging with anxiety is having to make decisions by yourself and for yourselfthere really is no other way. Blogging with anxiety is taking small, sure steps outside of your comfort zone to reach your goal. It will push you to reach out to your audience and fellow bloggers and you will realize that there really is nothing to worry about.

Blog however you are comfortable with. If you need to blog anonymously, then do so. The blogging community is actually very welcoming and they won’t pressure you to reveal yourself. The same goes to your audience. Once you reach and gain their trust, they will forget that they are reading a faceless person’s thoughts. As long as you stay true to your words, they will continue to listen. Blogging with anxiety will push and challenge you to fight and be better.

Blogging with anxiety is just another challenge that you will conquer.


Our thoughts are our biggest enemy. Anxiety is living with a voice saying you can’t, and yet you survive each and every day. It is hearing all these voices inside your head and you just let it rave and rant. However, you know you will not let it consume you. It’s either we let ourselves be eaten up and swallowed whole or we try to fight with what we can.


Anxiety is not beautiful in any way but it will make you stronger.

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Krisy is an old soul who lives, speaks, and breathes through writing. If she is not motivating people through her written words, she's either pretending she doesn't have social anxiety, petting random dogs, or watching the sunset.

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