Finding Peace Within Your Story

At certain points in my life, I was embarrassed by my story.  In grade school, I hated my name because it included a part of my father’s name and I’d never had a bond with him. I was embarrassed because I couldn’t run to my mother the way other little girls did. So much so that I was drawn to build friendships with guys more than females. When I became sick, I judged myself for not being able to do things the same way as I previously did. I was embarrassed about why I couldn’t show up for others or my organization. 


All of those feelings were valid and yet ridiculous. Finding peace within your story is hard but it’s all about what you focus on. I didn’t build a gratitude routine until I got to my very lowest point physically and I knew I couldn’t allow myself to mentally move into an even worse space. Your mind controls your body right? So, I chose to do something different and find peace and begin healing through what I was facing. 


Everyone’s story is different. Your story is your own and it makes you unique. That in itself means that it has to be full of peace, you just weren’t looking. Your story is the key that can unlock someone else’s prison. Sharing experience is so powerful. The uniqueness in your story makes it beautiful. I have been through a lot to only be in my twenty-somethings. The way I view these experiences is what matters. As a victim of sexual assault, I felt embarrassed I felt shame and suppressed it until I suffered from PTSD. That was then when I met myself with compassion, I then decided to share my story and apply to RAINN’s Speakers Bureau.

That part of my story became something I viewed as beautiful, not because “it could’ve been worse” but because it was horrible for me and I didn’t want anyone else to feel those feelings. 


Apart of me learning to love myself completely and find peace so I can heal was learning to love every part of me and my story. I hit my final breaking point when I was told that I wouldn’t be able to have children. I used different gratitude practices daily because I needed them then more than ever. The art of gratitude helped me through the bad days because my focus was the small beautiful things within that day. I found peace in all that I was facing, which only led to appreciation. I was able to release the negativity and realize all the beauty that lied within my story. 


Your story molds you into who you are and who you aren’t. That alone is such a beautiful thing. Sometimes we judge our story and ourselves so much that we don’t think it’s worth telling, trust me it is. When we are going through the difficulties of life it’s hard to imagine that you’ll ever want to speak about being in that space. You just want it to be over with, I know the feeling. Finding peace within your story helps you find peace within yourself.

Now, telling my story feels inspirational and inspiring. I am grateful to now be a mom, to have healed my body and learned what my self-work looks like and know my cues for when I am shifting.  

Your story molds you into who you are and who you aren’t. That alone is such a beautiful thing.

The story is the most important part of it all. When you do some self-reflection you’ll begin to admire your strength. Yeah, it was tough, but you got through it. Peace comes from within. You have the power to change your own narrative and the way you view it. Someone will appreciate your sharing your story. When you see how much it means to them that will bring you pure joy. Tell your story from a space of gratitude.

What did everything teach you? How did it help you grow? 


Your story is your own, and it makes you even more beautiful. 


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Hi, I’m MJ. I am an author, a blogger, a published poet and podcaster. Aside from that, I am a certified confidence coach and self-care guru. I offer guided journals on Amazon and will be releasing my first guided gratitude journal “Gratitude changes things” on Amazon September 8th. Diving into my own issues, traumas, and personal self-care are what encouraged me to become a certified confidence coach. I am a born poet and have been published by Local Gems Press and more. My books are available on Amazon under the name “Timesha Conyers”. My blog is all about self-care/love and poetry. I offer many free self-care exercises and tips and a poem weekly. I aim to help all kinds of women overcome their inner issues and see the beauty that lies within themselves and their story. You can find my podcast Meditations, Affirmations and Small Conversations on Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify, Podbean and more.

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