Engage Readers Through Attractive Email Marketing: A Flodesk Review

After tons of blogging resources I have tried and implemented on my blog, I am making my first featured post on one blogging resource that I now swear by: Flodesk. This is my first ever review post (which is not sponsored by the way) so you bet that I religiously use this and love it. 

Before you move forward, let me ask you: Are you a blogger or a business owner who wants to maintain a deeper connection with your audience? Or do you want to effectively gain profit from your business?

Email marketing does just that. More specifically, Flodesk does exactly that and more.

Sending out newsletter campaigns is a great strategy to further tell people your advocacy. It is a great tool to promote your products and encourage your readers to buy what you are selling.

Before we go forward, let me first tell you the process I went through to discover the perfect email marketing software. 

Disclaimer: Affiliate links may be used in this post, which I may receive a commission from, at no extra cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.

It was a tedious process finding an email marketing company that I want to use long-term.

In my previous job, I also did send newsletter campaigns through Mailerlite. However, it probably took me at least 2 hours designing everything and coming up with a nice layout (because their templates are not up my alley). 

For Kronicles, I first started with Mailchimp which, amidst most positive reviews, did not just work for me. 

I was about to try Convertkit next but after checking their billing, a thought came to mind: “Why do these email marketing companies have to increase their price after a specific subscriber count? Is there a company out there giving a flat rate?” 

With that in mind, I posted on one of the blogging Facebook groups I’m in (these groups are really helpful!) and asked for their recommendations. 

That’s where I came across Flodesk the first time. 

After being introduced to Flodesk, I immediately checked their website and fell in love the first five minutes. 

Flodesk is your new email marketing software in town which is already exceeding expectations. It offers aesthetically pleasing templates which are highly responsive and equipped with all the tools and integrations you need. 

But it does not stop there.

What I Truly Love About Flodesk

Creative Output = High Engagement

You would want to have your readers scroll through your newsletter, right? And how will you achieve this? By presenting them with an attractive content. This includes catchy titles, aesthetic images, and a beautiful layout. 

When I used Mailerlite, it was a struggle constructing a newsletter – it drained me. And yet at every output, I know that I can do better than what I made if only I had more flexibility in making my content. I didn’t even bother in Mailchimp.

But Flodesk literally made me excited and fueled my creativity as a content creator. I just love every template they had, their selection of fonts, and the responsiveness of each element (you don’t have to face the problem of resizing an image and ruining EVERYTHING in the process). 

The moment I switched into Flodesk, my clickthrough rate dramatically improved. My readers are actually excited to go through and click the content I put out. I knew that leveling up the whole look of my newsletter would change everything.

Flat Rate Pricing

But the bestest thing? Flodesk offers a flat-rate billing. So what if your list suddenly increased by an additional of 2,000 subscribers? Your billing plan will still stay the same. 

They also offer a month of free trial without even requiring a credit card. In my case, I already bought the plan just after a few hours of going through their system. No regrets! 

Their plan costs $38 a month with unlimited access to everything they offer. But since they’re still in beta mode, you can use my exclusive code: KRONICLES (or click my link here) and get $19/month FOREVER. This offer will probably end once they’re out of beta mode so you better grab this chance at a 50% off for a lifetime.

What You’ll Find

Stunning Templates

Their templates are what convinced me to finally avail their plan. They have a wide selection of beautiful readily-made templates that will fit any creative’s aesthetic. Their selection is complete with email templates, inline forms, pop-ups forms, full-page forms, and workflow templates. 

And as I have said, everything is responsive that whenever you make changes, other elements of your layout will not be destroyed. Their fonts are gorgeous as well!  They even have beautiful script/handwritten fonts which are perfect for your signature.

Oh, and another thing: You can easily integrate your Instagram account to reach more followers! No need to do some intense coding!

Automated Workflows

Do you want to automatically send out welcome emails once someone subscribes to your newsletter? Flodesk literally presents you with that option in less than 5 clicks! If you go to their Workflows section, you will see how they have already set up the workspace for you. All you need to do is add in your audience or segments (Yes, there are subscribers segments!), craft your content, upload a freebie easily… and you’re done! Literally takes a maximum of 15 minutes.

Insiders’ Facebook Group

Flodesk has an insiders’ Facebook group wherein its founders and other fellow Flodesk users will help and guide you. They are tremendously helpful and try to answer each query as quickly as possible. It is also in that Facebook group wherein you will see firsthand update announcements about Flodesk’s new features and integrations! 

Wait, there’s more: 

  • unlimited emails
  • unlimited subscribers
  • subscriber segments
  • $38/month ($19 with my exclusive referral code)
  • free 30-day trial
  • mobile optimization
  • custom opt-in forms
  • stunning fonts and templates
  • automated workflows
  • Instagram feed integration
  • Shopify integration
  • user-friendly analytics readings

Again, don’t forget that Flodesk is currently on beta so their 50% exclusive order will not last forever! Get your plan with my exclusive code: KRONICLES (or click this link) for $19/month (instead of $36) for a lifetime!

With all that said, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get your own personal growth tracker freebie!

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  • Martha
    September 27, 2019

    Wow!!!! Your content is incredible and I’m not just referring to this article. I learned so much and I built the tool. We’re so grateful for your support so early on and exited to see what you continue to create ❤️

    • Krisy
      September 27, 2019

      Ahhhh you guys are so amazing! More powers to you at Flodesk! ❤️

  • Eileen Burns
    September 28, 2019

    Thanks Interesting content I have used a few different email providers including convert kit, mailchimp I now use the email software I have with my training platform. But Flodesk is one I may look into in the future

    • Krisy
      September 29, 2019

      Flodesk is definitely worth a try!

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