Dumb If You Do, Dumber If You Don’t

Would it be dumb to get a tattoo? But then, wouldn’t it be dumber if you didn’t when you’ve always wanted to have one all your life? 


Would it be dumb to quit a job? But wouldn’t it be dumber to stay when you’ve been dreading every waking day to step foot in your office?


Would it be dumb to speak up? But wouldn’t it be dumber if you stayed silent when you know you have something significant to say?


Would it be dumb to let go? But wouldn’t it be dumber to keep holding on to something that will only constantly let you down?


Would it be dumb to say no? But wouldn’t it be dumber if you keep saying yes even to the things that do not do you any good? 


Would it be dumb to fight back? But wouldn’t it be dumber to let other people walk over you?


Would it be dumb to be selfish for once? But wouldn’t it be dumber if you keep on giving and saving none for yourself? 


Would it be dumb to get scared? No, being scared is perfectly normal. 

What would be dumber, though, is restricting yourself from a world’s worth of opportunities and experiences. 


Would it be dumb to change the way I am? Yes, that would be dumb because you’re already amazing. 

What would be dumber, though, is if you stop from constantly improving yourself.


~ ~  


Every time we decide on something, doubt immediately follows. This onslaught of doubts come with fear, lack of self-confidence, and self-limiting beliefs. 


“What if I can’t do it?” But what if you can?

“What if I made the wrong decision?” But what if you won’t? 

“What if I’m scared?” Then why won’t we finally conquer that fear? 


It is not dumb to have these fleeting thoughts because you are human. You are subjected to feel fear, sadness, and disappointment. But let these fleeting thoughts remain as they are—brief, momentary, and passing. 


Do not dwell on self-doubt. Do not keep mourning about your previous mistakes. Do not think about these future scenarios or possible regrets. That would be dumb. 


Live in the now. Appreciate what you currently have and make the most of it. You are living in the present. The past has come and gone and the future can wait. 


What you are now is what you need to focus on. 


Keep improving. 


Keep trying. 


Keep fighting. 

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Krisy started Kronicles with the aim to inspire and empower. If she is not motivating people through her written words, she's either pretending she doesn't have social anxiety, petting random dogs, or watching the sunset.

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Here's a gentle reminder to stop chasing people who do not want to be chased. 
Stop saving your time for people who will not make the most of it. 
It is time to quit waiting for people who have no plans coming back.
It is time to finally focus your energy on someone more important: YOU.
People will disappoint you and people will leave you. And in the end of all these, no one has got your back other than yourself. So take care of your whole being (mentally, physically, and spiritually). Make yourself stronger and wiser. 
Make it so that when people decides to leave, they won't take away any piece of you ✨🌙 kronicles.co
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DON’T WAIT; start NOW ✨

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