Daily Rituals For Your Mental Health

Hello there everyone! Hope you all are doing great. So here we have so many different kinds of people! Some busy with their jobs and work, some with their education, some investing their time for making their boss happy, some for keeping their family happy. Some on a strict diet and workout to keep themselves fit, some hustling with their million-dollar business. But how many of you are actually investing for your own mental health and doing some or the other thing to have your mental health in sound condition?

Yes, correct! I am gonna speak with you all about mental health and some small, simple 6 rituals that you can do daily to have your mental health perfectly awesome!

Check on yourself

It is very important to check on yourself each day and every moment. Ask yourself what are you feeling. There are different kinds of feelings- joy, grief, anger, fear, disgust, frustration, bliss or sometimes even neutral. This not just includes the feelings we possess but also our thoughts and our perceptions about the things around us. Basically checking on ourselves leads us more towards a conscious living. 

Analyze your thoughts

We always try pushing away negative thoughts. But what about all good and positive thoughts? If I am busy in some important work and I am having all amazing thoughts like going on vacation or for a movie, but at that moment those great thoughts aren’t helpful, then those thoughts are distracting me from my important work. Hence they are wasteful thoughts. So we need to understand that it isn’t about positive or negative thoughts but about what thoughts are necessary. Simply ask yourself – “Is what I am thinking important right now, at this moment?” If the answer is Yes, then continue. If No, which most commonly is the case with wasteful thoughts, stop thinking and divert your focus.


Many times we feel that meditation is only to relax our mind. This belief isn’t wrong. Even I used to feel the same. But meditation along with relaxation helps you increase concentration, make decisions with a calm mind and of course helps you live in the moment. The first two are definitely a ‘yes’ but what how about the third one? Yes! As I mentioned, it helps you live in the moment. It helps you stay with what is happening now rather than wither away with different thoughts. It helps you control your thoughts. 

Talk to people you are close with

Sometimes you don’t need a solution to everything. You just need a good listener to vent out. At such times, your close people might help. That person might be your best friend, your sibling, parents, or anyone whom you are comfortable with. You won’t believe, but at times, talking to a stranger also helps.

Have a journal/ planner/ diary

Writing down things gives you more clarity. Our mind needs clarity and hence simply thinking about something you are upset can bump your mind into multiple unnecessary thoughts. When you write them down, you realize and get a better picture of what can be/ cannot be done. Secondly, a journal or planner helps you be organized. Most of the times we are upset because we procrastinate. But when you write it down, there are more chances to complete the decided work.

Have a Self-Talk

There is a reason why I’ve put this crucial point as the last one because it is really difficult to talk to one’s self. And even if we are talking to ourselves, we have some other thoughts; we are constantly criticizing self. ‘You are not good at what you are doing’, ‘you only know to procrastinate’, etc. Have you ever told yourself ‘It’s ok dear, mistakes happen’, ‘everything will be fine, have faith in yourself’? Have you ever been grateful to yourself for going through so much pain bravely? We are constantly asking people how are they doing. Just once in a day ask yourself ‘How are you doing? Are you fine?’ You will find answers to all the questions in your mind.


These are some of the best things you can do for a healthy mind. Instead of saying ‘love yourself’, try saying ‘love your mind’ and you will automatically fall in love with yourself. Try these out and believe me, your every day will be a healthy day! 

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daily mental health rituals
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Natasha Tungare

I am Dr. Natasha Tungare. I am a physiotherapist and a passionate writer. I started understanding more about mental health when I realized that people who are suffering from different emotional turmoils share their problems with me. So I thought to dig more into this. I love illustrating my experiences in the form of poetries. After all, everyone has a story!

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Daily Rituals For Your Mental Health