Before You Love Someone Else…

Love yourself before loving anyone else with the kind of love that’s scorching, beautiful, and terrifying.

Accept yourself before accepting someone into your life and giving them the power to discover the secrets you kept hidden from the world.

Accept your strengths and your weaknesses. Accept your flaws and your abilities. Don’t burden other people by looking at them like they are the only source on why you’re sad and insecure. Sometimes, it’s just us needing to further work on ourselves.

Accept that you make mistakes and that you trip and bruise yourself, but love yourself anyway. Laugh it all off and pat yourself on the back. Say, “Great job, let’s try again tomorrow.”

Find solace in solitude. Find peace with your own self. Treat your body well. Pamper yourself. Travel alone. Sit under the stars alone. Stare at the ocean waves alone.

Be comfortable alone. Get to know yourself.

Be happy and contented just by being with yourself.

Stop depending on people and start depending on yourself. At the end of the day, you really are the only one who truly knows yourself.

How are you going to give your whole being to someone if you aren’t even whole to begin with? What if you give everything that you are—a masterpiece that is still in progress—and the worst happens? What if they leave? What happens to you then?

What if they walk away and take a portion of you? Oh, and they will take a portion—of yourself you’ve recklessly given because you thought they’re going to fix you. You thought they were going to complete you.

What happens to you then?

Are you going to crack into pieces or will you shatter completely?

Here’s a newsflash: only you can complete yourself. Your partner is just there to support you, give you guidance, and love you for everything that you are and what comes with it.

Don’t make someone your world. Make that someone a part of your world.

Grow together while growing individually.

Introduce them to your strengths, your weaknesses, your goals, your failures, the ugly and the good side. Let them see everything and watch as they love it all nonetheless because those are the key points which makes you you. They will love you nonetheless because you have been through so much and yet you’re standing tall and proud.

They will love you nonetheless because they know you aren’t lost and breakable; you fight and you improve to reach the best version of yourself.

They will love you nonetheless because you can see yourself just like how they see you—beautiful, strong, and complete.

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Krisy started Kronicles with the aim to inspire and empower. If she is not motivating people through her written words, she's either pretending she doesn't have social anxiety, petting random dogs, or watching the sunset.

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"2020 is shaping up to be the year of focus and curiosity. I’ve found that curiosity must go hand in hand with focus to achieve significant things. Otherwise we end up trying to pursue too many things, which in turns makes us dissatisfied. In this day and age, less is more." — @zairatan .
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There are just things you should not feel guilty about. Cancelling plans is alright. Choosing to not go online for weeks is understandable. Saying "no" is okay. Taking some time out for yourself is not a luxury—it's a necessity. Please, take care of yourself. YOU are your biggest asset. YOU are your greatest investment 🌻
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2019 was quite something, wasn't it? I'm pretty sure it was for me. But amidst all the chaos and frustrations this year, I felt a lot closer to myself than ever before. I hope you felt the same way too. If not, I hope 2020 will give you clarity in all aspects of your life! Hang in there! ✨ .
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For the ones who are afraid to start:
I have been in that position. I was scared with the thought of turning on my laptop and start typing out the words. 
I was scared with the thought of opening a book to read.
I was scared of getting ready to go out.
But do you know what scared me more?
I was scared that I was never going to reach my destination.
I was scared that I was going to be the reason for my own regrets.
So I started.
And I never stopped ever since ✨🌻
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📸 @aiony

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There is so much power in written words. If you are like me who can't perfectly relay what they want to say vocally, just remember that there are other forms of communication. Writing is one. Don't conceal your voice✨ 
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Before You Love Someone Else…