Beauty Tips for When You Have to Pretend You Care

You’re a makeup lover and you love creating looks with your products, even learning all kinds of beauty tips from your favorite YouTubers, but to be honest some days, you just can’t be bothered with it all. Sound familiar?

I feel like that sometimes. There are days when going through my makeup routine just seems like too much work. Whether it’s because I’m way too tired or it’s just one of those rough days with the disability doesn’t matter. The fact is, I still have to look like I care about my appearance on this particular day when the truth is it’s the last thing on my mind.

However, I still have to go out and I can’t really let my appearance reflect how I feel so what’s a girl to do? Asking yourself this a time or two? Well, I compiled a few beauty tips that have gotten me through those days looking much better than I feel and if I can so can you.

Before I digress too much, let’s get to those beauty tips:

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Good Skincare Routine

I’m not going to lie to you, creating a good skincare routine can be tedious, from finding different products in general to finding that combination that works great for you. Nevertheless, it’s worth for those days when you don’t really feel up to going all out with your makeup routine. Great skincare comes in handy when you want to pull off those minimal makeup looks or go with a natural no makeup look for the day.

Tinted Moisturizer

Use a tinted moisturizer to replace your foundation in your getting ready routine. A product will cover your skin’s imperfections and help you look more awake, a great start in disguising how you’re really feeling for the day. There are several options on the market for this, it just depends on the kind of product you’re looking for. I recently tried NYX Cosmetics Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil (NYX is one of my favorite brands to try products from).  I really liked the coverage as well as how it felt and looked on my face, I wouldn’t really say it’s a moisturizer though, more like a very lightweight foundation. Still, it served its purpose really well and I will be using it again, though I will be adding a tinted moisturizer to my collection especially one that contains SPF.

Statement Accessories

Feel like rocking a natural face today? Have fun with your accessories then. Accessories can add depth to any outfit and there are so many options to choose from that make it easy to accessorize simple looks. From headbands and headscarves to rings and belts to my personal favorite handbags. You have various options for your outfits to look great without much effort. Headbands and headscarves are making a comeback this season so if the last thing you feel like doing is spending 15 to 20 minutes fixing your hair for the day, choose an easy style like a ponytail or a bun, add a headband and you’re good to go.

Bare Essentials Of Your Everyday Makeup Routine

My everyday makeup routine is very quick, but sometimes that even feels like too much work, so I cut it down to the bare essentials. I use foundation, eyeliner, concealer, and lip gloss. I love applying eyeliner, it makes your eyes pop therefore you look more awake. A good concealer helps to hide those dark circles and brightens your face. Last, but not least, lip gloss. I’ve always been lip gloss girl because I had an easier time applying it than lipstick. I love using Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, it has such an amazing shine and it smells like candy. However, you can wear whichever you like, adding something to your lips helps tie the whole thing together.  Even if you don’t feel so great, you can look it.

Nails, Nails, Nails

My final beauty tip is getting your nails done. Make some time on a good day to go and get your nails done or relax at home and do them yourself. Doing your nails is another great way to tie your look together. My favorite nail colors to wear in the spring and summer are light colors like pink, blue lilac or even white.  These colors work in a variety of settings whether it’s professional or a night out with friends. My favorite nail polish brands are Essie and OPI, they can be purchased at the drugstore, but their quality is amazing, and they last me close to two weeks doing it at home.

Whether you’re having one of those days that you’re just trying to get through or simply in a rush and didn’t have time to care how you looked, these beauty tips will help to have you going about your day looking better than you feel.

Do you have any go-to beauty tips for those days when you just don’t care how you look? If so, let me know in the comments!

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Kimberly runs The Sitting Beauty Diaries, a blog about beauty, fashion and life with a disability. She is a self-proclaimed makeup and fashion lover who does her best to live her despite the challenges her disability presents. Not seeing any beauty or fashion articles that took disability issues in account she decided to start writing about them herself.  

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  • Haeshah D.
    June 10, 2019

    This is perfect, thank you for all of the tips and tricks! This is a nudge to practice more self care, even if I don’t feel up to it.

    • Kimberly
      June 12, 2019

      Haeshah, I’m so glad you found it helpful. I’ve found that even making small changes to look better helps me get through the day, even if you just follow one of these tips it’s worth it because you’re doing something.

      ~Kimberly | The Sitting Beauty Diaries

  • Melissa
    June 10, 2019

    Hi, I loved your post and I’m completely with you! I also just started using tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. I think it looks better in mature skin. And, at this stage in my life, I think good nails, skin, and healthy hair are the most important things to consider. Thanks for sharing! Melissa Damiani | Gratitude Grace Glamour

  • Emily
    June 10, 2019

    I literally swear by tinted moisturiser! I love nothing more and has changed my makeup routine completely!! <3 Would love it if you had a mixture to pop over to my blog!

  • Lanae Bond
    June 10, 2019

    I think I would rather use a tinted moisturizer the foundation. Some foundations are too heavy and don’t moisture. Thank you for these tips!

  • Madi Rowan
    June 10, 2019

    Having my nails & toes done, really does make me feel so put together! I love a good tinted moisturizer as well!

    -Madi xo |

  • Jacinta Grand
    June 12, 2019

    I love using a tinted moisturizer! It’s literally my go to beauty product – especially when I’m in a rush and need a quick beauty fix before leaving the house.

  • Kitty Katie
    June 14, 2019

    These are such useful tips! There are days where it’s tough to get ambition and hopefully these will make my day more simple.

  • Kimberly
    June 15, 2019


    I’m so glad you found the post helpful.

    ~Kimberly | The Sitting Beauty Diaries

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Beauty Tips for When You Have to Pretend You Care