An Open Letter To My Valentine

It must have been your striking green eyes and gorgeous hair that pulled me in, but let’s be real, you started with a knock-knock joke and I knew I was a goner. The previous things mentioned were just a (really) huge bonus.


I’m a hard-headed, sensitive, overly emotional b–eautiful person, I know, and I’m just grateful you have enough patience to tolerate my rants and random outbursts.


I complain about the littlest things and you listen. I talk about the most random and even boring things like let’s say, the weather, and you always have a response to keep any dull conversation going.


As a person who doesn’t trust easily, I was pretty sure you would get tired of my hard-headedness, and yet, you kept bulldozing your way through the walls I’ve built where no one hasn’t really passed through yet.


You tell me all your fears and how you’re afraid of people leaving you. You show me how you respect your family in the simplest yet profound ways. You strive to make your father proud. You think of what’s best for your mother. You try to be the best example to your brothers, and you get so freaking adorable playing with your little sisters.


You show me minutes and bits of your life which I gratefully treasure and will always have a space in my heart.


As much as we’re alike, we’re also different. I speak straight from my heart-all sensitive and clouded with emotions, while you speak through your mind-all rational and direct. Guess what changed? I can now rationalize my decisions while you feel more confident showing your emotions. And maybe that’s just how love is. You affect one another in the most beautiful ways.


Thank you for opening my eyes to new ideas, culture, and way of living. Thank you for challenging me each time and encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone. Most of all, thank you for trusting in my strength and capabilities.


I fell too hard and too fast. Don’t wise men say only fools rush in? Well, I say those who wait to make a move when the chance is right in front of them are bigger fools. I’m glad I took the leap and went for the quicker route to you.


You’re amazing and I’m just glad you’re mine.


I can’t wait to fall asleep in your arms, all locked up in your embrace. I’m excited about all the burgers we’re gonna devour and roller coasters we’re gonna conquer. I can’t wait to get lost in your eyes and just wonder about how, out of all the million people, I’ve been lucky enough to find my perfect match.


I’ll keep trying to be a better version of myself for me and for you. I’ll try to see myself with how you view me through your eyes and how I see you through mine – strong and too damn beautiful.


I found love, peace, and my home in you.


You’re the sunset I’m anticipating each day and the ocean waves I always dream about.


You’re my best friend.


You’re my happy place.


Happy Valentines’ Day, my love.


I love you. Always.

Krisy started Kronicles with the aim to inspire and empower. If she is not motivating people through her written words, she's either pretending she doesn't have social anxiety, petting random dogs, or watching the sunset.

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An Open Letter To My Valentine