Productivity Improvement: A Lazy Lady’s Guide To Being Productive

If I were to confess what my greatest flaw is, I would ask for a few minutes to think because I have to choose over hundreds of options popping out in my head. However, I know that laziness will always be on the list. Yes, it shouldn’t be something to be proud of and I’ve been doing all the means to stop being unproductive (including slapping my face as a wake-up call). Some didn’t work and some changed me for the better.


If you’re a lazy lady like me who knows there’s untapped potential within you if you just avoid lazing around, then here are some strategies and resources I use to get productive.



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Planning Board

I have a lot of journals and planners, yet none worked for me. Yes, the feeling of buying yearly journals feel satisfying and life-changing… for a while. But after a few months? It’s already forgotten inside my drawer.

However, a to-do list on a big board that’s always up in your face reminding you that you got a lot to do? That’s a different story. It is best to put your calendar planner on a wall that you usually stare at when you’re dozing off. In my case, the wall adjacent to my bed.  

This chalkboard wall decal is large and reusable! And looks elegant too.

Get it here.


Turn off your phone’s wifi

And keep it out of reach! As long as you hear notifications going off from your phone, you will not get any job done in time. I suggest you either put your phone in silent (with vibration off) or disconnect it from the wifi and place it far far away from your reach.

You’ll survive a few hours without it, I swear. 


Blast music

If I need to do some house cleaning, I blast some loud EDM tracks. If I need to finish an article, I put on some mellow, instrumental music. If I need to force myself out of bed to go take a shower, I blast some pop or rock ‘n roll. Music transcends all boundaries – including your wall of laziness.

You can either play through your phone or through a speaker. Personally, the louder the better. This speaker is cute, travel-friendly, produces amazing sound, and is water-proof!

Get it here.


Do it out of your bed

Do you need to finish an article? Reply to thousands of emails? Start on this new project? Finish a reading? I suggest that you get out of your bed. This may not be suitable for others who work on their favorite place – their beds – however, in my case, once I’m in bed, there’s a hundred percent chance I’ll lay down for hours just doing… nothing.

My bed is also my favorite place. It’s so soft, comfy, and warm. Great for another hour of napping which turns into 6 hours of sleep. Definitely not great if I have a deadline to chase.


Build your own workspace

It can just be a small space in the corner of your bedroom or in your living room. Heck, why not transform that one unused room in your house and go all out in making an office? Having an “office” or workspace makes you feel like you’re at work which urges you to actually work.

If you just want a little corner in your room dedicated to your workspace, then this table is the right one for you (here). Now all you need is a comfy chair like this one!


Make a schedule

It is important to find your balance. Don’t overwork and don’t overrest (yes, I made that a word). Find the time where you’re most active, make a schedule, and make sure you stick to it. Go set an alarm with a reminder if you must.

Personally, I work better at night. So in the morning, I just do all the mundane stuff like cleaning my room, reading some books, etc. In the afternoon, I give myself some free time while also researching some new stuff and topics for my blog. In the evening, I start to work and I make sure that I get no distractions.


Some of these may work for you and some may not. As I’ve mentioned before, I tried countless strategies in which most didn’t really work for me. On the brighter side, I now know what to avoid and which resources and activities I don’t have to waste my time in.


How about you? How do you overcome unproductiveness?

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Productivity Improvement: A Lazy Lady’s Guide To Being Productive