5 Steps To Creating A Morning Routine That Works For You

We have all seen on the internet and on Pinterest especially posts about great morning routines that we should all try or all be doing. While there is no doubt that having a routine in the morning can give you a better and calmer start to your day by taking a routine that works for someone else and just applying it to you, it can actually cause you to feel anxious that you won’t fit it all in (some of them are huge) or that it isn’t really staying with you as a person (maybe we aren’t all made for 5 am yoga).

Therefore I have put together a guide to help you create your morning routine that will work for you and the time available to you. 


  1. Have a glass of waterthis one is something I do as soon as I wake up but you might want to put it in at a different time. It could be a glass of juice, a fruit tea or some squash but getting a drink first thing in the morning will help you start getting your water in for the day. Slot this into your morning routine where ever you like but make sure you have done it before you exercise. 
  2. Breakfastit is really important but it doesn’t need to be something huge sometimes I just have a cereal bar. Other times I will have some overnight oats which are great as you can prep them the night before or even a standard bowl of cereals. Decide when this fits in best for you I like to have mine after exercise but I know a lot of people who wouldn’t exercise without eating. Make it fit for you!
  3. Exercisetry to fit something into your morning, it doesn’t have to be load it could just be a 10 min set of strength training or a short walk around the block. Make sure you warm up properly and stretch after. Stretching is really important no matter what exercise you decided to do.
  4. Take a few minutes to plan your goals for the day in your head you can do this at any point that works for you. It works really nicely while you are on your walk or run if that’s what you chose to do in step 3 or while you are having a shower can be a great space to reflect.
  5. Make your bedDo this every day either as soon as you get out of it or before you leave.


So now you know the 5 things that you need to fit in alongside things you would normally do like dressing and showering. Take 10 minutes to plan out the order that you want to do things you might want to switch out what you have for breakfast or what exercise you do base on the day but you should aim to do it at a similar time. Then give it a try, if it works brilliant, if not tweak it and try again it has to work for you and your lifestyle.

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I am the owner of an active wear brand called Stand Tall Activewear and a blogger based in South Yorkshire. I share a lot of fitness and wellbeing tips alongside designing a full range of clothing including swimwear, leggings and accessories. The business is all relatively new (just a few months old) however I have been running for much longer and love to share my journey on Instagram.

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5 Steps To Creating A Morning Routine That Works For You