20 Goals for 2020: Welcoming Growth In The New Year + Free 2020 Calendar

Let’s claim it right here and right now: 2020 is going to be a year of CLARITY. This is going to be a year where you will be shown to a clear path towards your goals. This is going to be a year wherein you will finally figure out what you want to do and what you want to achieve. This year is going to bring you enlightenment about who you are and who you are meant to be.

You are going to conquer this year with a 20/20 vision. 

One step to having a clear direction towards your growth for 2020  is to come up with goals to guide you throughout the year. It can be as simple or as challenging as you want it to be. But it is important that you know that it is achievable within 365 days. 

If you do not know where to start, here are my 20 goals for 2020 to help give you an idea: 


1. Practice accountability 

2020 is going to be a year where I truly practice and live accountability. It is the year where I am little to no excuses and stop blaming others for my own mistakes and failures. I am going to commit myself into taking full ownership of my life and full responsibility through my choices. It is the year to act consistently in thoughts, words, and actions. 

Pro tip: If you think you might need more help, there is nothing wrong with getting help from friends or family. Make them help you keep track of your goals and make them check up on you if needed. This way, you will be able to perform your tasks better and more effectively.


2. Nurture relationships

For the new year, I am going to try harder to keep in touch with my friends. This does not limit to only physically meeting or going out. It can also include messaging them, checking up on them, greeting them on their birthdays, or even sending them a text of “Have a great day today!”. 2020 is going to be the year where I will be more understanding towards other people’s predicaments and situations in life. 


3. Create and innovate

A new year is the perfect time to think of something new regarding my business. As an entrepreneur, I am going to look over my business model and marketing plans and look at what can be improved or what needs to be included. On the other hand, if you are working on a 9-5, it is good to meet or talk with your boss to plan out something new that will benefit the company. 


4. Welcome growth and opportunities 

This year, I am going to welcome things and opportunities that will help me grow. I am going to say “Yes” to things that I know will benefit me even if it scares me. I am going to invest in my whole being (mind, body, and soul). I am going to open myself to career and personal development. 


5. Complete a 30-day challenge

Aside from my (free) 30-day self-care challenge, I am going to attempt a 30-day no (alcohol) drinking challenge. I have always promised myself that I will never drink again, and yet, I often wake up with a hangover which results me to being unproductive for the whole day. I find that committing yourself to a 30-day challenge will truly test your discipline and commitment to something. 

If you are interested in my free 30-day self-care challenge, head on here


6. Fill my 2020 planner

I am a person who loves planning but most of the time, I am also all over the place especially when it comes to arranging my schedules. This means that I have schedules and to-do lists on my phone, on another sheet of paper, on another notebook, and on my laptop. This results me to actually overlooking things that I needed to do. This year, my goal is to be as organized as I can and write everything on my 2020 planner


7. Travel and explore more

Ever since I traveled alone for various business trips, I must say that my fondness for traveling grew tremendously. This year, my goal is to travel to at least 4 international countries and 8 local places. 


8. Healthier choices 

On 2020, I am going to be more serious on my weight gain journey. However, when you’re on a gain weight journey, it is so easy to just eat literally anything you want, including your comfort food. Just to let you know, my comfort food is burger and pizza. Unfortunately, you cannot eat those every single day. Hence, this new year is dedicated to making healthier choices for my body – both physically and mentally. 


9. Get a plant (a living one)

It is said that plants make any space more alive. And looking at my workspace right now, I would say that a plant (or two) would make my desk more pleasing to look at. Aside from my desk, I am planning to buy more plants to place on our balcony. This is going to be a helpful challenge for me because it will push me to take care of another living thing.


10. Read more

It is no secret that I love reading. However, I have noticed that I read the least books this 2019. And since reading has always been therapeutic for me, I am making it a goal to read more this 2020 as a form of self-care. Maybe at least 20 books would do it. And since I have always been a fast reader, this goal should be achievable.


11. Less online

One of the reasons I fail to finish my task is that I procrastinate. And one of the main things which causes my procrastination is because of social media. I noticed that I spent the most time on social media this 2019 which then resulted to tons of unfinished and pending tasks. This 2020, I will be committing myself to having a social media detox monthly and to spend at least 1-2 hours on social media daily. 


12. Being kind to myself 

Failure is and has always been a part of growth. With this, I am going to go easy on myself each time I have encountered failures or difficulties. I am human. I make mistakes, but what’s important is that I learn from it. I am going to be kind to myself and remind myself that it is okay to face failures. Successful people didn’t know what they were doing before they got to that stage, anyways. 

13. Spend less, save more 

I have a confession to make: online shopping has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Or maybe it is the satisfaction of scanning through items and adding them to my cart. I might have spent a little more than planned this 2019 so things have to change on 2020. I am going to commit myself to buying things that I only need and looking at cheaper alternatives which basically do the same job. 

14. Learn, learn, learn

This new year, I am going to remain curious. I am going to keep that hunger for knowledge. I am going to invest in myself through books, online courses, and even helpful advice from successful people I know.

15. Create and maintain new habits

I am going to face this new year with the help of new habits. I am going to integrate productive habits to my routine to help fuel my growth and development. A habit tracker would be a great essential to help me keep track of my activities. 

16. Continue unfinished business from 2019

Once a new chapter starts, we oftentimes forget about our unfinished business on the previous pages. This means that once 2020 starts, it is so easy to let go of the things that were left unfinished last 2019 – no matter how important it is. With this, I am going to look at the things that I was not able to complete and determine which are truly beneficial to my growth and worth taking with me to 2020.

17. Ask for help 

I have always been the type of person to accomplish things on my own, not because I think other people do not meet my standards, but because I always think that I would be a burden once I ask for help. But what I did not think of is that other people would actually appreciate it if you ask for their help because that means that you trust them to lend you a helping hand. And besides, asking for help is never a sign of weakness.

18. Learn to say No 

As much as I want to open myself to various opportunities and challenges, I also need to think of my own wellbeing. Overcommitting myself to plans and schedules will just lead to burnout. Hence, I need to practice saying “No” without feeling guilty. There is nothing wrong in finally thinking of yourself first this 2020.

19. Give more

I have always felt this sense of satisfaction and fulfillment each time I buy gifts for people who are close to me. And this year, I am going to commit myself to creating more freebies for my readers and newsletter subscribers, more relatable and authentic content, and more helpful tips and knowledge. Along with this, I am planning to donate half (or more) of my wardrobe to orphanage or those in need.

20. Start fearlessly 

Lastly, nothing will ever truly be achieved unless you start. This 2020, I will leave all of my doubts and second guessings. I will start fearlessly and without guilt. This year is mine to conquer. 

I hope you have gained even a little bit of inspiration from my 20 goals for 2020. To start off the year, here is a FREE 2020 calendar to help you keep track of important days and events throughout the year. 

Start off your new year with our FREE 2020 CALENDAR.

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  • Hannah
    November 22, 2019

    Love all of these ideas! Great post!

    • Krisy
      November 22, 2019

      Thank you!

  • Alisha
    June 19, 2020

    Superb Blog I found it really amaizng!

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