10 Effective Strategies To Drive Traffic To Your Blog This 2020

So you have successfully launched your blog and have all the blogging resources you need. You also now have over 30 high-quality articles (with a minimum of 1000 words—impressive!) published. Things should get pretty easy from there, right? Not right. On a good day, you will get 10 pageviews for a day which is obviously not enough if you want to earn income through your blog. You need traffic (lots of them) if you want to be successful in this industry. Because if you write all these exceptional articles and no one reads them, your efforts will still go to waste.

Yes, blogging takes time and yes, it may even take years for you to rank on the first few pages of Google to gain a substantial amount of organic traffic. However, it is not entirely impossible to gain traffic especially when you are just starting out.

Here is a list of strategies you can experiment with to increase your blog and website traffic this 2019. These strategies have done wonders to my website and I am sure it will do the same to yours, too!

Disclaimer: Affiliate links may be used in this post, which I may receive a commission from, at no extra cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.

Join Blogging Facebook groups

This is the first on my list because joining Facebook groups really helped me a lot. Aside from meeting fellow bloggers, I have also gained motivation and advice from their blogging experiences. Blogging Facebook groups also have daily or weekly threads wherein you can post your blog link for engagements such as views, feedback, and comments! Bloggers are not selfish when it comes to blogging success and techniques and you should take advantage of that! Ask questions (respectfully, of course), comment on threads, and share your own experience and advice as well! Just search “Grow your blog” on Facebook’s search bar and you will be presented with tons of groups to choose from.

Blogging is a challenge but the community makes it worthwhile.

Promote on Pinterest

Pinterest is every blogger’s holy grail and it is no wonder why: instant blog visit. To effectively promote your blog and posts on Pinterest, you would have to sign up or convert to a business account (which is free) and then start pinning! Make sure you create pins that are vertical, pleasing to the eyes, and comes with a catchy headline! To make your life easier, Canva has free, ready-made templates for blog pins! Once you have your pin ready, post it on Pinterest and make sure that you have your website or article page linked. Once people see your pin, there is a high chance that they will click on it (if your pin is attractively crafted) and voila, that is another pageview to your blog!

What I said barely scratched the surface on how Pinterest can help your blog or business grow. Once you fully know the strategies and algorithm of Pinterest, your blog traffic will explode. You will find free strategies all over the web but the most effective ones (with hidden tips and tricks) are usually made through courses.

That is why I highly recommend Pinteresting Strategies by Carly (Mommyonpurpose), and Pinterest SEO Secrets by Anastasia (AnastasiaBlogger) if you want immediate and effective results. These lady bosses know what they are talking about because they have been in this Pinteresting game for years already, and well, look at them now.

start a blog 2020
Pin it!

Add social media sharing icons

Another important strategy that is often overlooked is to add social media sharing icons to each of your articles or posts! This is a great way to gain traffic to your blog because the sharing icon is just right. there. Your readers do not have to copy your URL link and then share it on their social media. As time goes by, people find more and more ways to do things more efficiently and you should hop on that train. The plugin I use is Sassy Social Share.

Start an Email list

Setting up your own mailing list is a significant way to gain blog pageviews and retain readers. By sending emails (make sure you do not spam) you remind your readers and subscribers that you have a new post, a new offer or service, and that you still exist. Start as early as you can because your first subscribers will be your most loyal readers. 

An effective strategy to have people sign up to your mailing list is by giving them something from the start. This can be a freebie, a 5-day strategy plan about something, or anything that you believe will be a benefit for them.

If you want to make a newsletter content without coding anything and adding yourself a 2-hour’s worth of stress, then you need to go and try Flodesk. They changed my life, I’m not even kidding. Unlike other providers, their pricing plan will not go up once your subscriber count goes up. You will pay the SAME PRICE forever. Now, if you are interested, I can offer you a 50% discount FOR A LIFETIME by using the code KRONICLES or clicking this link.

Here’s my in-depth review of Flodesk.

Write guest posts

Writing guest posts is another great way to attract traffic to your blog and achieve faster rankings. Guest posting means contributing an article to another website or blog wherein they will provide your short author bio along with your social media channels and a link back to your blog. This means you and your blog will reach a wider set of audience! Yes, you will have to sacrifice an article idea or two but the results are worth it. Just make sure you guest post on websites or blogs that have the same niche as you and have an engaged set of readers (aka a lot of post shares and comments).


Invite contributors / guest writers

Since you’re contributing to other websites, why not invite other people to contribute to your blog? Having guest posts on your blog is a great way to generate fresh ideas and content that will attract new and old readers! This also means that you get additional keywords on your page which equals to your blog ranking on search engines which equals (finally) to organic blog traffic!

However, make sure that you have set out proper guidelines on your “Write for Us” page. List the topics or categories that you are accepting and lay out all the rules and expectations you have.

Write posts and headlines that answer questions

People usually go on Google (or any search engine and social media) because they have a question in mind and they want to find the answer. If you have a post that answers their question, then they will, without a doubt, click on your page.

Some recommendations are topics that start with “How To”, “How It Is”, “Why It Is”, a guide list (or a travel guide if you are a travel blogger), product reviews and recommendations, and daily hacks.

Update your old content

Do not forget about your old posts. Your earlier posts are most likely the first ones to rank on Google so make sure you give constant love to it! You can add new content, ideas, or headings to your posts. Change the title if you have a year written on it (e.g. Effective Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Blog This 2019). Update or change your photos to more attractive ones. Update your links and check that there are no broken links and everything is redirected to where it is supposed to be. Also, do not forget to link back to your other posts if you see any relevant topics written!

Use keywords

Incorporating SEO must already be ingrained to your routine each time you write an article. Keywords are phrases or terms that people search such as “blogging for beginners guide”, “how to make a money-making blog,” and the likes. These keywords are important if you want to gain organic traffic from search engines, especially Google. Yes, this might take some time but once you do, it will just continue progressing from there and the results are truly fulfilling! Do not forget to add keywords on your images, as well. There are a lot of keyword suggestion websites if you need a little bit of help but these tools are what I usually use: Keywords Everywhere, and Moz’s Keyword Research Tool.

Be proud

Unless you blog anonymously, promote your blog through word-of-mouth. Share your posts to your personal social media accounts and tell your friends and families to share it as well! If you do blog anonymously, though, you can always make new social media accounts dedicated to your blog and from there you can start promoting. Be proud of your hard work!

Blogging itself is an ongoing learning journey and if you are not curious or you do not feel like hopping on the new trends and strategies on how to improve your blog, then maybe this is just not the right time for you yet.

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